The new delicacy for carnists: robins!





Rotkelchen.Kommite gegen den Vogelmord_oBags full of robins for the saucepan!

In a bird catcher in Brescia (northern Italy), the Carabinieri have found over 1,000 (mostly) plucked robins.
Officers from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter had taken the officers to the poacher’s track as soon as they found and reported a trap with illegal nets.

After the police were able to convict the culprit inflagranti, a house search brought the grisly find to light.
The sheltered birds are coveted delicacies and were intended for restaurants where they are served on closed days or in back rooms personally known guests.

RotkelchenoRobin corpses

The catching and selling of songbirds has long been banned in Italy, with high penalties especially for restaurants. But because the birds are not mentioned as such on any menu, restaurant owners are very rarely caught. The man with the 1,000 robins was poachen 30 of the current committee bird protection camp in Brescia.


My comment: The largest cemetery in the world is the human stomach.
For just a few minutes palate enjoyment of the carnists, others have to pay with their lives, their freedom, their luck.
With the fascist right of the stronger we destroy the most precious thing for every being, his life.

That’s why eating meat means murder.

Wildfleisch mit Totenkopfjpg

My best regards, Venus

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