We need a new morality!


Chinese mit Kätzchen an Platte_n

This Asian man carries cats on the tray to grill. It is legal in his country. In other countries it is also legal, although not this type of animal. There is no difference between a cat or any other species, including the human, it’s the same suffering and pain.

It’s not about cursing a race or nationality. The point is that the traditional animal protection law has become obsolete: it allows animals to be injured and killed for trivial reasons. It allows us to kill male chicks immediately after hatching, just because they do not lay eggs and their death saves money.

It allows us to keep female cows in chains as slaves and kill them just because their milk yield ceases after a quarter of their life expectancy.

The the animal welfare law allows us to treat animals as raw material!

It is about understanding and seeing that we have deprived the animals of all their rights.
Humanity is morally ill, still in the 21st century, today and here in 2018.

A society that kills animals on “assemby line”, a society that destroys lives and does not respect animal rights, can not be a healthy society.

The human species behaves sadistic, vile and psychotic, and to change it, the first step is: we have to give animals their rights. We must accept that animals have rights – these are essential to a serious protection of the law – for humans as well as for animals.

As long as we don`t realize that torture and murder of non-human beings is a crime that has no moral justification and therefore we are no longer entitled to, then the human race remains a desolate heap of underdeveloped criminals, wich do not even deserve human rights.

People need to know what animal rights are, through information, education, conviction. And that’s our mission, that’s the duty of animal rights activists to show them the reality and make them realize that we can never seriously protect animals unless the vegan lifestyle is mainstream.

My best regards to all, Venus



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