Loretta’s story

LorettaLoretta didn’t even have a name—she had a number.

For chimpanzees, 2013 was a great glimmer of hope when health institutes (National Institutes of Health) announced they would stop using their state-owned chimpanzees for experiments.

PETA now revealed that there are still 110,000 primates locked up in laboratories in the United States – under dreadful conditions.

Primate Products Inc. (PPI for short) takes the monkeys from the wild to warehouses where they are often kept in very unhygienic conditions. Subsequently, the animals are sold to laboratories.

Loretta is one of many monkeys who have suffered enormously.

Tattooed in black ink across her chest, the numbers 1005158 only became more visible as her hair fell out in patches, likely as a result of the stress that she endured at Primate Products, Inc. (PPI), a notorious facility that imports and warehouses primates before selling them to laboratories. A PETA eyewitness gave Loretta a name, likely the first act of compassion she’d ever been shown.

At PPI, Loretta was locked in a pen with monkeys who injured and apparently terrified her for more than 22 weeks. Even though PETA’s eyewitness submitted at least 23 written and verbal reports to PPI staff, the facility failed to take action to protect Loretta.

Instead, she was repeatedly attacked, leaving her face marked with stinging lacerations. She appeared to be afraid of the other monkeys in the enclosure and had lost much of her hair—a sign that she was likely experiencing extreme psychological distress. Being submissive, Loretta often didn’t get enough food to eat, and she was thin. When it was cold, the other monkeys would huddle together, but she shivered by herself, as no one would huddle with her.

Loretta in zehn WochenpgLoretta in ten weeks

As for Loretta, like so many of the animals, no one outside PPI knows what’s become of her. “She could still be at PPI or she could have been sold to a laboratory,” Tasgola Bruner, media manager at PETA, told The Dodo. “She was in really bad shape.”

Primate Products Inc. did not reply to The Dodo’s request for comment about where Loretta is today.


Unfortunately, Loretta is not alone with this problem.

Affe bei PPIA heartbreaking video reveals the terrible techniques used by the PPI. The animals are hunted and grabbed by the tail to tear them away from the chains they are clinging to. Sometimes the animals are even kept upside down and shaken.

PPI has also packed the monkeys into nets, some of the inexperienced workers pushing internal tissues into their bodies that had emerged because of the stress.

The methods by which the monkeys are partially packed can cause serious injury and trauma to them. Behavioral researcher for animals, Marc Bekoff, told PETA that such techniques can cause “serious stress and anxiety”.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed PETA’s discovery that PPI violated nine animal welfare rules at least 25 times. Therefore, an ongoing investigation was started.

You can help stop what happened to Loretta from ever happening again: Click here to sign a petition to shut this place down.

Below is a video that reveals PPI’s shocking treatment of laboratory monkeys:



My comment: The primate research is a very disgusting and false topic. Animals are used for experiments because they can not defend themselves in an organized way. A person’s life is not superior to that of an animal. There is no single evidence or reason for that.

Eveyone who knows and studies the history of the Third Reich knows how the animal experimenters tick. Their actions coincide 100% with the mass murderers of the Nazi era. In every detail. Even Zyklon B is still used for the killing of experimental animals, even if it is discouraged.
It is not possible to keep out of this area behaviorally disturbed people.

But one has to make the names of the participants and their actions public. Especially in this area, the demanded transparency is very important.


My best regards to all, Venus



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