Need Animal Help But Unsure Where To Go ? -Then Check Out WAN For A Start !



World Animal Net (WAN) is a site which we use quite regularly – as it provides links to animal welfare associations based in just about every country of the globe.  We have found it very useful.

Here is the main link –


As you can see; you can do a search in a couple of ways – we suggest that going directly to a country is the best way.  You can literally just select the country you wish to gets results for from the drop down, and then press the ‘search’ box.  You should then be given all the organisations for welfare groups in that country.

Just for example; today we have had several visits from Greece; so what better than to use this as an example.

So we simply go to the main link


Select ‘Greece’ from the drop down list of nations.

Then hit the ‘Search’ button.


Then we are given a full listing of all the Greek organisations which can help with animal welfare.  The link to this is given here:


So a good and very useful tool no matter where you are located in the world; if you need animal help.  You may find you get a lot more results than you expected – Great !

Have a play around with it and make sure you keep WAN as a source in your directory / contacts list.

Regards Mark




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