EU: Live Animal Transport -Reg 1/2005 Has Failed The Animals From The Start.

We have personally been involved with live animal transport issues in Europe for 25+ years.

We know that Reg 1/2005 has failed the animals from the very start – and so you could say that the EU Commission has also been failing animals in transport from the very start.

To see a bit about our own past involvement with the live animal transport business. Please check out our info at  – scroll down quite  a way to see our own battles with a useless EU.

Here is a message from Silvia at Animals Angels.. who are based in Germany.

We want to thank Silvia for her info and the video which we have repeated below.  I am sure you will find it interesting.

It goes without saying that we give our full support to Angels and as individual welfare groups right across the EU, we work hard to expose the failures of the legislation 1/2005.

Please watch the video and see how the mighty EU Commission is failing anima;ls in transport.

Regards Mark.



Silvia says:


Dear Mark,

I hope this email finds you well.


On the 6th of September this year, we presented the premiere of a new film of Animals´ Angels in Brussels, at the EU Parliament. The video summarizes 10 years spent on the roads collecting data about the conditions of transported animals, after having interviewed some experts. The aim was to make the point of 10 years of application of Regulation EC 1/2005, analyzing what has been achieved and what remains to do. The final balance is very bitter. It is crystal clear that the original intention of the Council of EU has been betrayed. As you know, too many animals continue to travel crammed in trucks and ships over longer and longer distances. Animals´ Angels asked the EU Commission to take a stand and be faithful to its duties as “the guardian of EU laws”. A limit must be set to profit.  

To know more, please watch our recently published video “10 years of Regulation EC 1/2005 – Animals’ Angels field experience 2007-2017”:

More than a million EU citizens already expressed their opposition to long animal transports already twice. Pressure of public opinion is a powerful means to demand EU institutions and governments a change. Please, help us spreading knowledge about animal transports.

Kindest regards,


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