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You go home sweaty, dirty, having sat in the sand, or had a dog in your lap, pee down your front, dried milk splatters from the calf-feeding, a big smile on your face, and your heart bursting with love.“–Caroline Moody, Animal Aid Volunteer…

Tiny puppy found taking final breaths saved 



This little girl was about to die. She lay unconscious with the labored breathing that usually comes just before death. Our rescue team rushed her to Animal Aid where we discovered she was in shock with severe dehydration, probably caused by untreated diarrhea. We immediately started her on IV fluids but she remained almost comatose and slept through the night. We weren’t sure we could save her, and wondered what the following day might bring. And wow, were we in for a surprise. Meet Lilly after just 24 hours.

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Saving a Mama dog who risked her life for her puppies



We’ve all heard stories about mothers risking their lives for their babies–but now we’ve seen it with our own eyes. Angelina is one of the gentlest, sweetest dogs we’ve ever met. But don’t try messin’ with her little pod of baby angels because she’s done everything in her power to protect them. She became dangerously injured in the process-a wound that tore mammary tissue from her belly and a huge laceration on her neck. That’s what it took to make sure each and every one of her babies was safe. Angelina will be spayed when her young’uns are weaned. In the meantime, she’s going to be one busy lady. Meet our beautiful hero today.

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Dog saved after eye comes out of socket



Slum-dwellers called us to rescue a dog from their community whose eye had popped out after an accident. He must have been in excruciating pain. The damage was so extensive we had to remove the eye, but this gentle sweetheart’s recovery was beautiful.

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Street dog having violent seizure rescued



We got a call that a street dog was flailing in the road having a violent seizure. Luckily our ambulance was only moments away and when we arrived, she was still having the seizure. The seizure was probably caused by a trauma-maybe a car accident. We stabilized her with anti-seizure and other medicines, and so began her six week recovery of her ability to balance and walk. Meet beautiful Stella …

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Celebrate the Care-givers: Nandu!  


Meeting the Rescue Team in action is the first step many people take on their path of animal compassion. And for this reason, having a winning way with people is as important as being brave, creative and gentle in harrowing rescues.  Nandu Dungri, has served animals in Animal Aid with his heart, soul and handsome smile for 9 years–lifting more dogs, cows and donkeys from perilous situations than almost anyone in India. Nandu is “Papa” of 3, “Brother” to 80 staff members, and cherished friend to thousands of grateful animals. 

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