Spain: Take Action Against The ‘Ranger’ Who Killed A Wolf And Then Tied It To His Car For All To See – Petition.



SIGN: Fire Forest Ranger who Tied ‘Trophy Wolf’ to Vehicle for All to See

 ranger kills wolf

Image Credit Twitter @juralde


PETITION TARGETS: The Professional Association of Agents of the Natural Environment of the Principality of Asturias (AGUMNPA) & ​Spanish Ambassador Santiago Cabanas Ansorena

In an act of disgraceful brutality, a park ranger in the Asturias region of Spain slaughtered a wolf and then tied the animal’s corpse to the back of his vehicle with rope, proudly displaying the kill for all to see.

This ranger is responsible for protecting the safety of wildlife — instead, they chose to murder an innocent animal and parade the body around as a humiliating insult.

Juan Lopez de Uralde, deputy for the Alava-based Podemos party, shared the photo, criticizing the cruel act and spreading awareness about animal abuse in his principality. He claims that the wolf was killed last Tuesday, then callously tied to the ranger’s vehicle.

Lax oversight in the region has led to a lack of protocol and guidelines when it comes to monitoring animal rights. While it is unfortunately legal to kill wolves in some areas of Asturias, this despicable act took this liberty too far.

Sign this petition to urge officials to condemn this brutal act and push for this park ranger to resign from his position. This man has no business working around animals and should be immediately dismissed if he does not resign.




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