Australia: Good News Re Aus Live Exports – it is now a matter of when, not if, live export will end.



Dear Mark,

Scathing. That’s the best way to describe the independent assessment of the regulation of Australia’s live export trade.

In his review, released today, Philip Moss found that evidence of cruelty has been dismissed, ignored and even, at times, covered-up by the officials responsible for holding the live export industry to account.

Of course, this isn’t news to us, Mark. The Department of Agriculture had neither the expertise, nor the political support, to hold to account an industry with a cultural acceptance of cruelty and law-breaking.

It’s somewhat of a relief to finally have the truth on the public record. To have Animals Australia’s role as industry watchdog formally acknowledged; to have validated the efforts of whistle-blowers and investigators who’ve risked their lives to expose what this industry does to animals; and to have the calls for help that have fallen on deaf ears for decades condemned in the strongest possible terms.

The government has accepted all recommendations in the Moss Review, knowing anything less would fuel further public outrage. What the Morrison government fails to understand though is that there’s no redemption for this industry — and nothing less than a decision to end the trade will be embraced by Australians.

That’s where our focus remains, and as the Sydney Morning Herald printed today:

“If Labor is elected it looks set to end the industry. The now Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is trying to save the industry, but it is now a matter of when not if [live export will end].”
Mark, I’ve stood in some of the most brutal slaughterhouses on the planet, witnessing first-hand the horrors Australia’s live export industry is responsible for. Step by step we have exposed this industry, and called those responsible for inflicting dreadful suffering to account. Every additional layer of regulation, scrutiny and accountability that has resulted from our work will contribute to its inevitable demise.

But for today, I’m thinking about dear Fazal, who risked his life and sacrificed his career to expose the suffering that sparked this review. I’m thinking about the countless animals who’ve suffered so egregiously, and who have been so let down by those whose job it was to protect them. And I’m thinking about you, Mark. Your kindness and generosity is the reason we are able to be a voice for these animals. And, because of your unwavering support… we are being heard.

In gratitude, always,

Lyn White AM
Director of Strategy

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