Media Manipulation!



A four-year-old child is attacked by an enslaved, tortured, humbled circus-animal.  It was injured in the face and taken to the hospital.

The child is brought into the circus by its stupid mother, and because that sits on the first page, it wants to praise the slave with a flag salute.

The animal was not taken to prison voluntarily, and its mother did not bring it there itself.
With an iron collar around his neck, with all his psychic and physical powers at the end, the animal tries to deliver a ridiculous show to a stupid audience, a show which only brings something to the criminal circus director, namely money!  And to stupid ignorants, a stupid entertainment!

And then “suddenly” it happens.

The case was immediately from all media described as a tragedy, for the human side of course.
And so satisfy the greed of the readers for sensational news with a horror scenario that lives exclusively from a “brutal”  “unpredictable”  Tiger. But if the slaves stay good and docile and no “accidents” happen, we do not even want to know what the tiger in his cell is suffering from a criminal trainer.

Edgard Zapashny, director of Big Moscow state circus and also an animal tormentor by profession, says : “I firmly believe that the blame lies completely with the owner and director of that traveling circus, the lioness’s trainer, and on the adult who came with the child and let go of her while being in the front row.”

What, in other words, would be so to interpete:
If a slave-keeper is unable to control his inmates, and a stupid mother puts a child in the front row to greet the slaves with flags, then such accidents happen.

Only that was the cause!
Otherwise, the circus has always worked well. With ander words, the slaves have always entertained all the stupid circus visitors well, and no animal came up with the idea to lift his head and to punish all those who pay for his torment with the same way.

And so the media manage to sell a spectacle once again. Everyone shudders for the innocent child. And because the innocent person is human, the equally innocent tiger is the culprit. And all the real motives that led him to action are intentionally concealed.

Nobody talks about the hell, that experiences this animal every day. Which, however, increases the propability of becoming aggressive and vengeful. With gut reason!

From this point of view, I am surprised that such attacks do not happen every day. Not only the circus slaves, but all the animals we exploit, torment and enslave would have the right to avenge the human plague.

There is even a random video that will make this event better for sale!


The Report

Video shows: The girl was sitting in the front row behind a fence when the lioness suddenly jumped on the little child.

A circus lioness bit a four-year-old girl during a performance in southern Russia. It was injured in the face and taken to the hospital. According to Russian media reports Monday morning, the authorities described the child’s health status as stable. It had been operated after the incident on Sunday in the Krasnodar region of the Caucasus.

In a video, which was supposed to have been taken by viewers and was distributed by local media, you can see how the animal breaks away from its trainer and rushes to the child. Spectators helped the girl.

The circus director was arrested.

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