The last journey…



For the World Vegan Day today I have read a nice article from the side of the Association Against animal factories (Verein gegen Tierfabriken Schweiz VgT) , and would like to share it with everyone.

Geladenen Schweine

Like so many crimes, this happens in the middle of the night. Crime scene: ​​A pigsty in Obertuttwil Canton Thurgau (Switzerland), as there are countless in Switzerland.

Act time: 30.October 2018 2:30 clock.

They are pig children who are torn out from their sleep and loaded in the middle of the night. They are only between 5-6 months old. But they already weigh over 100kg. Torment breedings cause that they quickly set meat. The joints hurt, because the bone growth of the turbo mast can not withstand. They have never seen a meadow or the sky above them. They spent their lives in a much too narrow dirty bay, where the smell of ammonia burned in their eyes and their sensitive nose.

Now they have started their last journey. They hit the wall of the van and grunt anxiously. But nobody has mercy.

How long will they have to stay in the tansporter until they are sent to their death in the slaughterhouse?

Beitrag der Schweizer VGT_o

Their cruel ending after a deeply sad life they find in the gas chamber.

Do you understand why we call it crime?

Our thoughts are with these and all the other thousands of animal children who are being killed today. In the slaughterhouse in Bazenheid 360 pigs are slaughtered per hour! We hope that they have survived the terrible soon.

We will never understand why people do all this to them for a quick palate tickling.

Only with a vegan diet do you not share responsibility for this suffering!


(Translation: Venus, with best regards)

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