Day: November 9, 2018

Civil courage helps save lives!




When a woman searched for her missing dog, she had no idea that she would eventually save nearly 200 stolen dogs from a brutal death.

On Sunday, November 4, Chengdu police in China raided an illegal dog slaughterhouse and handed over all 171 dogs to the Sichuan Qiming nursery for health care and recovery.

Schlachthof von Hunde in Chinajpg

Media reported that the slaughterhouse had been discovered when a local woman was searching for her disappeared Belgian Malinois.

Ms. Peng, as she is known in the media, traveled to Jianyang City, where she was told about a slaughterhouse in Kuixing Town.

When she entered the slaughterhouse, her dog immediately recognized her and started to jump.

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A real animal is someone, not some thing!


All of you who have children should show this video to them. It describes the reality in laboratories in a real way, only without real animals. And be well prepared when the kids ask questions. We are responsible for transmitting the truth to the next generations.
Perhaps, this generation will be the one who ends the suffering of the animals in each sector.
And for that it has to know the truth.

My best regards, Venus