Day: November 29, 2018

China: Petition – Demand Action To Stop ‘Crush’ Videos – Currently Viral In China !




We have covered ‘crush’ videos on this site and also on our sister site, SAV over the years.

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Videos of animals being tortured and killed by beautiful women are going viral in China. Nearly 400,000 videos tagged “abusing animals” are reportedly uploaded each day.

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Target: Fu Zhenghua, Chinese Minister of Justice

Goal: Criminalize animal cruelty videos.

Videos depicting the torture of helpless animals in China are going viral on the internet. These videos feature attractive women, often wearing stockings and high heels, performing acts of animal cruelty and even murder.

Experts claim this trend has been brewing since at least 2010, when a video of a woman impaling a bunny rabbit by stomping it with high heels surfaced on the internet. The Beijing News claims that many of these videos are produced for pay-as-fetish entertainment.

The Cat and Dog Welfare Program of the Animals Asia Foundation claim that nearly 400,000 videos with the “abusing animals” tag are uploaded to Iqiyi, China’s largest video hosting site, each day.

Full-length or specially tailored videos of women torturing and killing animals can sell for between 10 to 10,000 yuan. An anonymous source within the animal abusing video industry told the Beijing Times that, while a typical stomping video costs around 500 yuan, a video in which the entertainer castrates or skins an animal alive can cost as much as 15,000 yuan. The Animals Asia Foundation claims that while Chinese laws are in place to protect endangered and exotic animals, there are not enough protections for the common animals that are the victims in these videos.

Please sign this petition to demand that the Chinese government crack down on for-profit fetish video depicting animal torture.


Dear Minister Zhenghua,

Videos featuring the slaughter and torture of animals are surfacing and going viral on Chinese video hosting websites. These videos often involve attractive women mutilating, castrating, or skinning living house pets or farm animals and are thought to be produced as fetish entertainment. This trend has been related to the notorious 2010 video of a woman impaling a bunny rabbit with her high heeled shoes. An industry insider reported to the Beijing News that videos of animal abuse can earn as much as 15,000 yuan depending on the amount of specifically tailored cruelty involved.

As many as 400,000 videos with tags like “abusing animals” are uploaded to Iqiyi each day, according to the Cat and Dog Welfare Program of the Animals Asia Foundation. While there are powerful laws in place to protect endangered wildlife in China, the Animals Asia Foundation claims that there are not sufficient laws in place to protect common animals held on farms or as household pets. Please investigate and bring an end to this disturbing trend. I demand that you criminalize and crack down on online videos depicting intentional animal torture.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Beijing News

Psychopaths at murder!




During a hunting event with amateur hunters, a witness on the edge of a ravine was able to film an incredible animal cruelty. Several hounds and the prey fell over a rock while shots were heard in the background.

During a hunting event in Herreruela, Cáceres in western Spain, documentary filmmaker Luis Domínguez filmed a surreal scene: while hunting dogs managed to block a deer at the edge of a ravine, several hunting dogs plunged into the depths, gritting the stag. A hobby killer tried to kill the deer with a knife during the terrible incident.

The deer lost balance at the end and crashed as he tried to escape.

The video has caused a great indignation among the citizens and voters in Spain because it once again documents the heinous cruelty of hobby hunting.

Several Spanish politicians have seen the video and shared on social media to condemn the hunt. Among them is the head of the left movement Podemos, Pablo Igelsias, for example: Those responsible for this barbarism have a name: they are criminals. Let us end this once and for all and punish the guilty. “

It is unclear how many of the approximately a dozen animals died in the fall over the 15 meter high cliff.

My comment: Hunters: You have long ago revealed your ugly face of hypocrisy, sadism and murderous instincts.
Shoot yourself and your stupid supporters in politics.

Best regards to all, Venus



India: More Great Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.





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Rani’s incredible recovery after horrible injury


It was a miracle that she was alive, let alone alert. This beautiful dog was lacerated so deeply that her organs were exposed, her bladder was punctured and her pelvis broken. We were so worried she would not survive her complicated surgery, and because so much of her inner abdomen was exposed to dirt, we feared infection might kill her.

Thank you for helping us fight the odds. And meet adorable Rani today.

Please donate to help animals in desperate need.


Puppy Sisters riddled with wounds, now healed and happy


Two beautiful puppy sisters were almost killed after a wild animal’s attack. They bravely tried to defend themselves but lay unable to move with multiple deep wounds at their necks and on their stomachs. A caring family had tried to help by applying cream to the injuries, but they they needed extensive treatment to fight infection in order to survive. Thanks to your incredible help, we saved them. Meet glorious Charlotte and Lucy now.

Whatever the cause of suffering, little ones sometimes need human help. Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Recovery of dog trembling in pain from head wound


With blood oozing from a massive head wound, we found this street dog trembling under a car, and it looked like he was waiting to die there. Thankfully a caring person had noticed him go under the car and had called our helpline to report his injury. Once back at our hospital we found the wound filled with hundreds of maggots who had destroyed most of his ear, which had become necrotic. We immediately treated him for pain, applied medicine to kill the maggots and the next morning, sedated him in order to remove the dead maggots and tissue, and start this beautiful boy on his road to an amazing recovery. Meet Sunny-Day now!

With your help, even the saddest animals can be given new life. Please donate today.


Oreo was too injured to get to food and water


We got a call that a street puppy had been hit by a car and was unable to move. We found him under a truck, too injured to move but still wagging his tail when our rescuer approached. The moment we lifted him he cried out in pain. Back at Animal Aid’s hospital we found that his pelvis had been injured, and he would need extensive rest, care and physical therapy to recover. But recovery? It’s an understatement. Meet Oreo today.

Your donation will mean the world to Someone…Please help today.


Sponsoring a Sweetheart makes a Cherished Christmas gift!

When you sponsor an animal you’ll be sent a beautiful certificate with his or her photo, your name (or the name of a person you’re gifting it to) and a special thank you from Animal Aid.

Unforgettable and heart-warming. 

You’ll receive the emailed certificate within 3 days–time enough to get it framed and present it as a gorgeous gift of love.

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All animals feel pain

Stone crabs have their claws torn off when they are still alive. Even though they can re-generate their claws , 41% of crabs die from a single amputation and 63% of crabs die from a double amputation.


If one does not have a voice to scream against pain and suffering that does not mean that the individual does not feel pain, when tortured.
Invertebrates have too sense organs, like other animals.


They are also our friends and we do not eat our friends!

Best regards, Venus