Day: November 21, 2018

New Zealand: Petition -Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ.



SIGN: Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ

SIGN: Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ

New Zealand has the same opinion of itself to the government of Mauritius – see

But this time it is not flying foxes, but cats; yes cats !

Please read the information below and then add your name to the petition, thank you.

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Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: NZ Minister of the Environment, Hon David Parker

Is your loving, intelligent cat a “pest” — to be exterminated and tossed like trash? The city of Auckland, NZ thinks so.

If their council’s devastating proposal passes, any cat — including beloved family pets — will be trapped and destroyed if unlucky enough to be caught without a functioning, registered microchip.

Too bad if your cherished feline happens to be one of 15,000 pets in New Zealand known to have a faulty, undetectable microchip. If that kitty wanders into an arbitrarily designated “ecologically significant” zone, they face the death sentence.

This ill-conceived plan comes from the Regional Council of Auckland, which is moving to reclassify Domestic Companion Stray cats as “pests” in a calculated plan to cull them mercilessly. The campaign justifies the slaughter by citing the misleading goal of conserving wildlife and New Zealand’s endangered bird species, using faulty science to promote its cause.

Let’s be clear: this amounts to nothing short of a genocide of the cat population.

Instead of villainizing cats and inciting hatred and violence (family cats are already gunned down by angry NZ citizens on a monthly basis), animal lovers and conservationists must encourage the humane treatment of cats and wildlife.

Sign this petition to voice your outrage at the proposed cat cull and to take an active stand against the barbaric killing of thousands of cats. Sign now to urge officials to stop this planned massacre at once.

Flying foxes: We can prevent a genocide!


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It is a deadly plan: The Government of Mauritius wants to kill thousands of flying foxes again in 2015 and 2016 – 13,000 animals! Allegedly, they eat the harvest from the fruit farmers. The launch could lead to extinction of the species.

Flughund 3jpg

Animal rights activists fight against the killing action. “There is no justification for slaughter,” says Vikash Tatayah of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. As early as 2015, the government initiated a first mass killing. 30,938 animals were killed – every third flying fox! In 2016, another 7,380 were killed. Now another 13,000.


The killings have helped bats to be considered extinct. A cyclone or prolonged drought could be enough to wipe out the entire population.

Please also sign the appeal to the Government of Mauritius to stop these killings immediately.

My comment: We experience this model of fascism daily and everywhere!
Everything that is not right for man, everything that hinders him to be the victor and the ruler of nature and the animal kingdom, must be destroyed.
Only man has rights, all other species have none, and therefore they always fall victim to the profit, the sadism and lust for power of the human species.

My best regards, Venus

England: At Christmas, You Give Bits Of Me To Your Cat – Is He Christian ?


xmas turkey 1


With love and thanks to friend Emma who sent this over:


With Christmas in mind, a piece from a Spike Milligan book (who was vegetarian)


Above – Spike – Vegetarian and animal campaigner.



TURKEY: ‘Aren’t you ashamed?’
ME: ‘Yes, I’m sorry I’m going to eat you.’
TURKEY: YOU’RE sorry.’
ME: ‘Be reasonable. All my children will be here. If I don’t join the festivities they think of me as a Scrooge father’
TURKEY: ‘ I’M a father. I left behind a wife and six kids!.’
ME: ‘Look, I promise this will be the last Christmas I’ll eat you.’
TURKEY: ‘Look ,mate, this IS my last Christmas-‘
ME: ‘You see turkey, it’s a dinner for a Christian occasion.’
TURKEY: ‘Christian? I’ve seen you give bits to your bloody cat, is HE Christian?’
ME: ‘Well, I didn’t want any to go to waste…’
TURKEY: ‘ALL of me goes to waste, you know. On Boxing Day when you’re slobbed out in the lounge, I’m floating down a London sewer.’

xmas turkey 2

Just a thought, give animals a freedom break this Christmas.



See more of Spike:

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Thailand: Boon Dee Regains Her Freedom After Many Years Suffering In The Tourist Ride Industry.



Half Blind Elephant Arrives At Sanctuary After Many Years of Mistreatment In The Tourism Industry.

A very heartwarming video from Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand as they welcome the newest arrival to their elephant sanctuary! The sanctuary, called Thai Elephant Refuge, recently took in a precious rescued elephant to their herd. This darling new elephant is named Boon Dee, and she is half blind from years of mistreatment and abuse in the tourism industry. Boon Dee has spent most of her life giving rides to hoards of tourists at a trekking camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

This recent rescue was made possible by the generous donation from a longtime sanctuary supporter who was visiting Thai Elephant Refuge from Australia. The compassionate supporter, Joan Pearson, was celebrating her birthday, and wanted to spend it in her favorite place in the world surrounded by the animals she loves. Her only wish for a present was to be able to rescue another elephant. When Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand learned that there was an elephant in need of rescue in Pattaya, the team — including Joan — headed out to investigate.

What they found at the trekking camp was a heartbreaking situation. Having arrived at the camp four years ago, Boon Dee was in a terrible state. She was emaciated and covered in abscesses, obvious marks of the abuse and neglect she had suffered. WFFT knew it would take the healing power of a sanctuary to return the elephant to full health. After completing all of the necessary paperwork, Boon Dee was finally legally allowed to make the long journey to the WFFT rescue center.

Now that sweet Boon Dee is finally safe and sound she can look forward to a life free from pain; never again will this gentle giant be chained or beaten. Also most importantly: never again will she have to carry a saddle on her back, or be forced to give rides to the endless busloads of tourists who visit the camp where she was forced to work.

After arriving at the sanctuary Boon Dee was able to stretch her legs after the long journey. She took a stroll around the rescue center and took a look at the wonderland that will be her new home.

Everyone watched in amazement as Boon Dee made a beeline for the first elephant enclosure and greeted its inhabitant, Gan Da. The WFFT staff knew that these two elephants had previously been friends when they worked together in a camp in Thailand many years ago, and everyone wondered if they would recognize each other. These two darling elephants recognized each other immediately and had a very sweet reunion!  Thanks to the determination of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Boon Dee can make many other life-long friends at the Thai Elephant Refuge!

UK: Petition for UK RESIDENTS ONLY -Ban the use of farrowing crates in the UK.




Very Important note – This petition to the UK Government can only be signed by UK / British living citizens.  It IS NOT a global petition.  If you are non UK resident, please DO NOT try to sign it as your details will not be accepted.– thank you – Mark – WAV.


This is how the government will respond to the petition:

At 10,000 signatures…

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition

At 100,000 signatures…

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament


farro 1

Ban the use of farrowing crates in the UK

Farrowing crates, profoundly similar to sow crates which were banned in the UK in 1999, are long, narrow crates in which sows are contained during gestation. It’s still legal to use farrowing crates in spite of them having the same implications to animal welfare as the sow/gestation crates.

farrow 2

Pigs are intelligent, sentient beings and these crates deny their natural behaviours. This frustration can be displaced to damaging abnormal behaviours such as self-mutilation due to the intensive conditions. Farrowing crates severely restrict the sow’s movement and deny them the instinctual urge to build a nest, worsening their frustrations. Having been made illegal in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, we should follow this route of progression to maintain our reputation for good animal welfare.


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Petition Link –


THIS BELOW IS FARROW FREE – so much better for animal welfare.

We need this – please sign the petition (UK residents only).

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