England: At Christmas, You Give Bits Of Me To Your Cat – Is He Christian ?


xmas turkey 1


With love and thanks to friend Emma who sent this over:


With Christmas in mind, a piece from a Spike Milligan book (who was vegetarian)


Above – Spike – Vegetarian and animal campaigner.



TURKEY: ‘Aren’t you ashamed?’
ME: ‘Yes, I’m sorry I’m going to eat you.’
TURKEY: YOU’RE sorry.’
ME: ‘Be reasonable. All my children will be here. If I don’t join the festivities they think of me as a Scrooge father’
TURKEY: ‘ I’M a father. I left behind a wife and six kids!.’
ME: ‘Look, I promise this will be the last Christmas I’ll eat you.’
TURKEY: ‘Look ,mate, this IS my last Christmas-‘
ME: ‘You see turkey, it’s a dinner for a Christian occasion.’
TURKEY: ‘Christian? I’ve seen you give bits to your bloody cat, is HE Christian?’
ME: ‘Well, I didn’t want any to go to waste…’
TURKEY: ‘ALL of me goes to waste, you know. On Boxing Day when you’re slobbed out in the lounge, I’m floating down a London sewer.’

xmas turkey 2

Just a thought, give animals a freedom break this Christmas.



See more of Spike:

xmasdecs 1.png

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