Day: November 15, 2018

Toro jubilo: Primitive sadists of extra class!




For some time I had talked about the barbaric tradition of “Toro Jubilo” in Spain.
Here is a nice, short article about it, taken from the internet:

Despite strong security measures (against animal rights activists), a team of the Spanish-Latin American animal welfare organization Anima Naturalis managed to bypass the barriers and the location of the event, the public celebration or the execution of “Toro.” Last weekend in the notorious Spanish Medinaceli (Soría) Jubilo “(Cheer bull, also known as” Toro Embolado “, Fireball Bull). Once again, it was possible to document one of the most barbarous and satanic cruelty to animals in Spain, which is celebrated as a folk amusement for primitive sadists of the extra class – and, of course, praised as a protected, traditional cultural asset.

toro jubilo

For this purpose, a young bull is tied to a stake by about 20 helpers.
One then places on its horns a wooden frame with two cloths soaked in pitch of combustible liquid, which are shaped like spheres.
These are then lit, and the bull is left free by capping the head tie rope.
Everyone enjoys themselves deliciously, as the animal, who goes crazy with burning pain, runs off in panic. The horns and very often whole body parts (because of drip nodding) are burned.

Not infrequently, the bull commits suicide by racing against any obstacles or deliberately back against the binding post (documented last year).

Toro jubilo-n-jpg

In addition to some pitch-black, backward regions of Spain, find such fire bull amusements held just in Catalonia, where by means of referendum and against the wishes of the Spanish national government even the classic bullfighting (corrida de toros) has been abolished. Altogether more than 3,000 bulls are described each year in Spain as above, as fire or cheering bulls set on fire.

As usual, the Catholic Church has nothing against such cruelty to animals, after all, they usually even in honor of Christian “saints” instead. Animals are after the official church doctrines soulless creatures, which one can torment for human pleasure, also at will. As is well known, Pope Francis himself is a bullfighting fan and, in this regard, resistant to petition.

Author: Gerhard Heybrock

My comment: If ones inspires and enjoys how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death, this one is no more than a miserable monster and has not earned something like his own human rights in any way. If torture, mistreatment and exploitation of innocent defenseless creatures is culture for Spain, why are the Spaniards no longer burning witches? This was sad culture in Spain too? Would be a good deal.

They hold a tradition that was proven by Jitanos and invented during the darkest period of our earth, namely in the time of the Inquisition. Bullfights and bullfights violate every ethic of modern civilized countries and societies.

My best regards, Venus


France: Force Feeding Is Not Festive.


Force-feeding isn’t festive

Dear Mark,
To our amazement, many foie gras farms in France offer public tours. We recently visited one to witness the production of this cruel ‘delicacy’ first hand. We were welcomed onto the farm and witnessed terrified, panting ducks crammed into tiny, filthy cages and geese struggling to escape as a vast amount of food was pumped down their throats using a large metal tube.

Actor and animal advocate, Peter Egan and TV veterinarian, Emma Milne joined us on the visit to ‘La Ferme Turnac’ foie gras farm in France. They were both shocked that the farm was happy to put this horrific cruelty on display for families to watch. The harrowing investigation is featured in today’s Mirror newspaper, and we’re using this as an opportunity to launch a new aspect to our #FoieGrasFreeGB campaign.

Over 115,000 people have now signed our petition calling for a foie gras import ban as soon as we leave the European Union. However, while we’re still in the European Single Market, a ban isn’t yet possible. That’s why we’re calling on restaurants and shops to impose their own ban on this extremely cruel product now, starting with a protest at Tate Modern in central London today.

Ironically, many restaurants — like the Tate Modern’s — only offer foie gras on their Christmas menu as it’s seen as a luxury, yet there is nothing festive about force-feeding birds until their livers become fatty and diseased. If you see a restaurant serving foie gras this Christmas, please let us know and we’ll pressure them to drop it from their menu.

Many thanks,

Toni Shephard


The following pictures are not associated with this campaign – but they do show the reality of foie gras.

foie 2foie 3

foie 4

foie 5

foie gras abuse.jpg



foie gras human.png













“The Boss, showing us that despite there is a road running through, this is still his jungle.”

And if I consider, that we enslave as little kids such animals, with such qualities and personality and incarcerate them in a zoo jail, where, the only function they have is to entertain the offspring of stupid, underdeveloped parents …
… then I believe the evolution did not work for the human species.

We are still caves residents.

My best regards, Venus


November 2018: Scottish Farmers Now Exporting Calves Via Ramsgate (England) With Help From Dutchman ‘Oderwater’.


schotland flagge




Published on 12 Nov 2018

Our first time bearing witness to the live exports that happen at Ramsgate Port. 4 week old veal calves crying for their mum. I was not prepared for how small they were. They are the byproducts of the dairy industry. We can consume oat, soy, hemp, almond, hazelnut milk instead. We don’t have to be a part of this



Bearing witness to live export calves from Scotland to Spain Ramsgate PortBearing witness to live export calves from Scotland to Spain Ramsgate Port



Archive footage – Published on 9 May 2012

In late 2011 Compassion in World Farming initiated a series of investigations into the export of live farm animals from the UK. And, in early 2012, generous donations from Compassion supporters enabled our team to continue the campaign, trailing a lorry carrying calves from the UK, through France and into Spain — simply to be fattened for the veal trade. These young calves were loaded on a farm in the west of England and transported, over a period of almost 60 hours, to a farm in northern Spain.

Find out more about the issues here: