November 2018: Scottish Farmers Now Exporting Calves Via Ramsgate (England) With Help From Dutchman ‘Oderwater’.


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Published on 12 Nov 2018

Our first time bearing witness to the live exports that happen at Ramsgate Port. 4 week old veal calves crying for their mum. I was not prepared for how small they were. They are the byproducts of the dairy industry. We can consume oat, soy, hemp, almond, hazelnut milk instead. We don’t have to be a part of this



Bearing witness to live export calves from Scotland to Spain Ramsgate PortBearing witness to live export calves from Scotland to Spain Ramsgate Port



Archive footage – Published on 9 May 2012

In late 2011 Compassion in World Farming initiated a series of investigations into the export of live farm animals from the UK. And, in early 2012, generous donations from Compassion supporters enabled our team to continue the campaign, trailing a lorry carrying calves from the UK, through France and into Spain — simply to be fattened for the veal trade. These young calves were loaded on a farm in the west of England and transported, over a period of almost 60 hours, to a farm in northern Spain.

Find out more about the issues here:

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