Day: November 5, 2018

Portugal: Vet is Turning Broken Washing Machines into Cozy Homes for Stray Cats; and Easier Sterilisation Also !



This Vet is Turning Broken Washing Machines into Cozy Homes for Stray Cats

Posted by Carly Day | November 3, 2018

 This Vet is Turning Broken Washing Machines into Cozy Homes for Stray Cats

A compassionate veterinarian from Monchique in Portugal has found a novel way to turn trash into treasure, repurposing old washing machines as shelters for stray cats throughout the town.

Ann Silva came up with the idea when she was caring for two little kittens in her vet practice. The adventurous pair curled up inside a broken washing machine destined for collection in the backyard and made themselves right at home.

“I put in some blankets, and they’ve never left,” said Silva.

Silva regularly sterilizes stray cats and returns them to their colonies, but often worries about them not having shelter to rest and recover. She decided that this was the perfect solution.

After getting permission from the local council, Silva began depositing unwanted, broken washing machines around the town. The machines are decorated with art created by local students and graffiti artists to transform them into funky street art. By involving local children from the local community, Silva hopes to teach them that cats are not harmful and instill the values of compassion and empathy for the future.

There are five of these stylish cat “houses” dotted around town now — spread out through residential areas and one at a local school — but Silva is hoping to grow the initiative further and is accepting donations of old washing machines and dryers.

“The project has only just started so we are welcoming donations and soon hope to place more shelters for our cats.”

The machines make fantastic shelters for the stray cats, keeping them warm in winter and cool in the hot summer months.

The veterinarian also says it’s much easier to keep tabs on and care for the stray cat populations in the area; she was able to sterilize an impressive 50 cats in only one week this month.


USA: Petition:Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs.




SIGN: Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs

Posted by Carly Day

 SIGN: Stop Deadly VA Paralysis Experiments on Dogs


Petition Link –


PETITION TARGET: Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is moving forward with plans to torture and murder dogs in a series of horrific experiments.

In these gruesome and cruel tests right out of the dark ages, dogs are sliced open, paralyzed, traumatized and then put down once they are no longer “useful.”

Some of the shocking procedures the VA performs on dogs include:

·         Removing parts of live dogs’ brains.

·         Placing electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords and inducing coughing. Then the spinal cord is severed, and testing continues.

·         Pacemakers are implanted, then researchers purposely induce abnormal heart beats, create heart attacks and block the dogs’ arteries with latex. The nerves that assist the brain in controlling their hearts are severed. The dogs are then forced to run on treadmills to further stress their hearts.

These innocent animals suffer from immense physical pain and emotional distress. Once the research is complete, all the dogs are killed.

In spite of the controversy surrounding these gruesome experiments and continued pressure from both lawmakers and animal advocacy groups, the VA continues to subject dogs to these unethical and needless tests. We must speak out to end this travesty.

Sign this petition urging Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie to stop these experiments, and turn his focus to finding humane research methods that do not involve animal torture.

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Petition Link –


trump feb 2

Execution in the 21st century!



And yet: I always see mindless people with crocodile bags in their hands or crocodile shoes on the street.
What other pictures do we need to punish and end this torture? These are images that prove that today and here, on the 21st century, human brutality has reached its peak and perhaps exceeded it.
With such images (and similarly brutal are those of fur farms) should have all understood that we belong to criminals, when we buy fur, leather or wood, as well as the murderers, who lead the execution of these animals.
Have the courage to tell this truth to your friends, acquaintances, relatives. Don`t hesitate to post these pictures.
We have a duty to inform, educate, fight animal exploitation.
Do that!

My best r egards, Venus