Reality slaughterhouse: Kicked, tormented, torn alive.




In Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, is one of the largest cattle slaughterhouses in Germany. Its name: Standard-Fleisch GmbH & Co. KG.

realität schlachthof 2

The german animal welfare office has collected around 600 hours of video footage taken with a hidden camera. (To see the video please click on the link):

And what you see there makes everyone shudder.
The resulting videos show how a large number of cattle and disused dairy cows were insufficiently and improperly stunned, and although they were apparently conscious, were still stung alive and killed.
The animals are kicked in the slaughterhouse, tortured and torn alive.

realität schlachthof 4

In addition, the animals were treated with electric shock gun up to 28 times unlawfully abused, with driving spurs or forcibly forced out of their pit and unnecessarily exposed to injury hazards.

realität schlachthof 1
An excerpt from this horror scenario in the slaughterhouse Oldenburg was broadcast on 06.11.2018 at 17:00 and at 19:00 clock on ZDF (Central German Television).

Jan Peifer, chairman of the board of the German Animal Welfare Office proves with videos that many animals still live as they are tapped. A video surveillance in slaughterhouses, preferably already in the animal transports, would be absolutely necessary.

The states, of course, has the German animal welfare office immediately reported to the relevant prosecutor! Now it is up to the competent authorities to close this horror slaughterhouse immediately! Otherwise, in the future, unbelievably many animals will suffer from the conditions in Oldenburg. Because the slaughterhouse is not one from many, but belongs to the ten largest cattle slaughterhouses in Germany (2016: Rank 8)! According to their own data, the annual slaughter rate is over 90,000 cattle. The slaughterhouse has also BIO certification!!

The uncovered conditions in Oldenburg are another case in a series of extreme scandals in German slaughterhouses in recent months. To date, five slaughterhouses have been closed temporarily or permanently for animal cruelty and other violations of the law after animal rights activists have carried out undercover research.

Please sign the petition for closing of this slaughterhouse:


My comment: if you look at the video … a hell on earth!

Screams of death – and the animal still moves its head vertically and horizontally and wriggles in circular movements.

More horror can not exist. How is it possible that the majority of people accept this?

Finally, the case came on the biggest German channel, I wonder: what did the people feel when they saw that? And what else do the Meat-eaters want to see, so they stop torturing defenseless animals with their second-hand consumption?

The hope for an end to such crematoria is the pressure on corrupt politicians who are inactive against such serious crimes. Animal rights must become a political issue.

My best regards to all, Venus





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