Flying foxes: We can prevent a genocide!


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It is a deadly plan: The Government of Mauritius wants to kill thousands of flying foxes again in 2015 and 2016 – 13,000 animals! Allegedly, they eat the harvest from the fruit farmers. The launch could lead to extinction of the species.

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Animal rights activists fight against the killing action. “There is no justification for slaughter,” says Vikash Tatayah of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. As early as 2015, the government initiated a first mass killing. 30,938 animals were killed – every third flying fox! In 2016, another 7,380 were killed. Now another 13,000.


The killings have helped bats to be considered extinct. A cyclone or prolonged drought could be enough to wipe out the entire population.

Please also sign the appeal to the Government of Mauritius to stop these killings immediately.

My comment: We experience this model of fascism daily and everywhere!
Everything that is not right for man, everything that hinders him to be the victor and the ruler of nature and the animal kingdom, must be destroyed.
Only man has rights, all other species have none, and therefore they always fall victim to the profit, the sadism and lust for power of the human species.

My best regards, Venus

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