New Zealand: Petition -Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ.



SIGN: Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ

SIGN: Stop the Heartless Extermination of Cats in Auckland, NZ

New Zealand has the same opinion of itself to the government of Mauritius – see

But this time it is not flying foxes, but cats; yes cats !

Please read the information below and then add your name to the petition, thank you.

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PETITION TARGET: NZ Minister of the Environment, Hon David Parker

Is your loving, intelligent cat a “pest” — to be exterminated and tossed like trash? The city of Auckland, NZ thinks so.

If their council’s devastating proposal passes, any cat — including beloved family pets — will be trapped and destroyed if unlucky enough to be caught without a functioning, registered microchip.

Too bad if your cherished feline happens to be one of 15,000 pets in New Zealand known to have a faulty, undetectable microchip. If that kitty wanders into an arbitrarily designated “ecologically significant” zone, they face the death sentence.

This ill-conceived plan comes from the Regional Council of Auckland, which is moving to reclassify Domestic Companion Stray cats as “pests” in a calculated plan to cull them mercilessly. The campaign justifies the slaughter by citing the misleading goal of conserving wildlife and New Zealand’s endangered bird species, using faulty science to promote its cause.

Let’s be clear: this amounts to nothing short of a genocide of the cat population.

Instead of villainizing cats and inciting hatred and violence (family cats are already gunned down by angry NZ citizens on a monthly basis), animal lovers and conservationists must encourage the humane treatment of cats and wildlife.

Sign this petition to voice your outrage at the proposed cat cull and to take an active stand against the barbaric killing of thousands of cats. Sign now to urge officials to stop this planned massacre at once.

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