Psychopaths at murder!




During a hunting event with amateur hunters, a witness on the edge of a ravine was able to film an incredible animal cruelty. Several hounds and the prey fell over a rock while shots were heard in the background.

During a hunting event in Herreruela, Cáceres in western Spain, documentary filmmaker Luis Domínguez filmed a surreal scene: while hunting dogs managed to block a deer at the edge of a ravine, several hunting dogs plunged into the depths, gritting the stag. A hobby killer tried to kill the deer with a knife during the terrible incident.

The deer lost balance at the end and crashed as he tried to escape.

The video has caused a great indignation among the citizens and voters in Spain because it once again documents the heinous cruelty of hobby hunting.

Several Spanish politicians have seen the video and shared on social media to condemn the hunt. Among them is the head of the left movement Podemos, Pablo Igelsias, for example: Those responsible for this barbarism have a name: they are criminals. Let us end this once and for all and punish the guilty. “

It is unclear how many of the approximately a dozen animals died in the fall over the 15 meter high cliff.

My comment: Hunters: You have long ago revealed your ugly face of hypocrisy, sadism and murderous instincts.
Shoot yourself and your stupid supporters in politics.

Best regards to all, Venus



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