Civil courage helps save lives!




When a woman searched for her missing dog, she had no idea that she would eventually save nearly 200 stolen dogs from a brutal death.

On Sunday, November 4, Chengdu police in China raided an illegal dog slaughterhouse and handed over all 171 dogs to the Sichuan Qiming nursery for health care and recovery.

Schlachthof von Hunde in Chinajpg

Media reported that the slaughterhouse had been discovered when a local woman was searching for her disappeared Belgian Malinois.

Ms. Peng, as she is known in the media, traveled to Jianyang City, where she was told about a slaughterhouse in Kuixing Town.

When she entered the slaughterhouse, her dog immediately recognized her and started to jump.

Although she was afraid to tell the workers that this was her stolen pet, Ms. Peng tried to bargain to buy the dog back. But after she went out to call her husband and came back, she saw that her dog had been killed.

She filmed the scene and contacted the local police, which led to the raid and ultimately the rescue of 171 dogs.

Caged Dog-China

Jill Robinson MBE, Founder and Chair of Animals Asia:

“The images of the scenery at this slaughterhouse are absolutely horrifying and have brought this brutal trade to the public’s attention. It is encouraging to see how the public,the authorities and local relief organizations work together to eradicate this cruel industry and act on behalf of the animals. This rescue would not have been possible if the authorities did not take the matter seriously and were unwilling to cooperate with partners in the aid sector. Similarly, without the local aid organizations, there would be no place to bring the surviving dogs, and without the public with animal-loving individuals like Ms. Peng, the slaughterhouse working in the dark would have been able to survive its illegal activity for many years. “

The number of animal welfare organizations in China has grown enormously over the past decade. In 2006 there were only 30 local animal welfare organizations, today there are more than 200 helping animals in need.

Animals Asia provides financial support or overpowering over 60% of all Chinese local animal welfare organizations.

The aid organization also works with governments nationwide, encouraging local governments to work with animal welfare organizations.
Only in this way can progressive, humane, science-based guidelines be established and legal care and responsible departments for stray populations maintained.

My comment: Ms. Peng showed much civil courage. Unfortunately, this could not save the life of her family member, for which she fought so courageously and determinedly, but she could save the lives of other 170 death candidates.
We need more like Ms. Peng, we need faith in our own power, which, under organized activism, can bring essential changes and advances in animal welfare.

My best regards, Venus


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