The murderers of tomorrow!


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A DAD takes his daughter, a girl 6 years old on fox hunts admitting most people won’t agree with it – but says she’s emotionally ready.

Lexie Kelly watches on as her firearms expert father Graeme spots the creatures using night-vision equipment before firing the fatal shot.

Vater Jäger mit MädchenGraeme Kelly and his six-year-old daughter Lexie who he takes out hunting foxes in Scotland

“Britain has tough gun legislation, with the minimum age for applying for a firearm licence being 14.

While there is no minimum age for a shotgun certificate, the application process involves stringent checks, including a police interview.

Having a certificate does not allow a youngster to buy a gun. It is not possible for a young person to buy a shotgun, rifle, airgun or any ammunition until they are 18.

But an investigation two years ago revealed nearly 4,000 British youngsters may have access to shotguns under strict adult supervision.

Vater Jäger mit seiner TochterLexie reguarly watches on as her firearm expert father kills foxes to control their numbers in Fife


It was revealed 13 children aged under 10 – the youngest aged just seven – were issued shotgun certificates around six years ago.

Lexie revealed: “I like going shooting foxes with my dad. When I am bigger, I will be allowed to shoot foxes.

Mädvhen das Jägerin werden willjpg“I have lots of foxes in my room. They are probably my favourite toys.”


The youngster learns how to track foxes when she joins her dad on shoots to control fox numbers near their house in Cardenden, Fife. “When we go out at night to the woods surrounding our home, Lexie spots foxes through our night vision lenses,” her dad said.

“Some days she will ask, ‘Daddy can we go kill a fox tonight?’

“Even at six she’s pretty good at picking them up.”

Graeme admits “many people will disagree” but believes children should learn to shoot responsibly, especially as the “sports needs a future” because the average of hunters is 58.

He waited for his daughter to be ready “emotionally”, and says when the right time comes he will “teach to her shoot safely”.

Graeme, who sells hi-tech equipment to farm and land owners, added: “If you are not into vermin control, you won’t get it.

Jäger mit TZochter und Nachtsichtgerät

“Many people forget that if we did not keep fox numbers down, farming would be impossible.

“One fox can destroy three lambs a night in a field. Sometimes killing them as they emerge from the ewe during birth.

“The kindest thing to do is to kill foxes humanely.

“I don’t hate animals but I understand the need to manage the countryside.”

He went on: “Lexie seemed excited about the prospect of us getting one.  “We didn’t shoot one, but Lexie got to look through the thermal spotter and learn about what she could see.

“Pretty soon she could tell the difference between a deer and a rabbit. “When she got home she was telling my partner Claire, how disappointed she was that she never got a fox. “I felt proud that she had learned a lot.”

Partner Clare, aged 36, “hated the thought of a gun in the house” when Lexie was a baby, but trusted her husband to “handle everything”.

Their older son Leo, 18, said he understands how important it is to control foxes but says he doesn’t want to hunt.

My Comment: these are the killers of tomorrow with their leaders.
It is nothing else than the education of a child to the fascist behavior. 

And because hunters are not only professional killers but also professional liars, he teaches his daughter that there is a humane killing.
And he teaches the girl that she has the responsibility to continue the murder in the forest against defenseless and innocent animals, because only so has “the sport” a future.

With this fascist morality, the offspring is educated by hunters and all violent offenders!

My best regards, Venus





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