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Kleve- District North Rhine-Westphalia: Hunters are angry: Since the beginning of the year, many of their high seats were willfully destroyed. The hunt already suffers! (that means: they can not execute animals)!


Alfred Nimphius is angry. The 64-year-old is chairman of the county hunters Wesel and since 40 years he is a hunter (he has to retire already).

But he has never experienced anything like that, he says. In the period from March to September 2018, more than 60 high seats in the districts of Wesel and Kleve were willfully destroyed or damaged. “That sometimes high seats are sawn, that happens again and again, it is sad but it happens. But since the beginning of the year, the incidents are extremely high, and the perpetrators are doing very professional, “says Nimphius in an interview with our editors. The high seats were therefore not only sawn and then tipped over, but completely sawed into small pieces. “Even metal pipes were cut small,” says Nimphius stunned.

Zerstörter Hochsitz

The destruction series started in a forest near Duisburg-Baerl – directly on the border to the district of Wesel. “Then it went on suddenly: The entire Lower Rhine was covered, up to the district Kleve high seats were destroyed,” says Nimphius. The most recent case has been in September in Neukirchen-Vlyun. “There, eight high seats were destroyed at the Halde Norddeutschland in a single night,” says the 64-year-old. Luckily nobody was hurt. “The rage among the hunters is great.” In the forests where high seats were destroyed, hunting is now clearly limited. But all high seats will be rebuilt. For the financial damage, the owners of the respective areas themselves. The situation is different with the forest in Wesel – the forest belongs to the country and there the taxpayer pays in the end. (That is not correct! Many high seats are illegally built where they are not allowed to stand. Nobody will pay for them)

Jaeger aus Hochsitz schiessendpg

Meanwhile, Nimphius has collected all cases from the region and handed over to the prosecutor’s office in Duisburg. According to spokeswoman for the prosecution, Jennifer King, the police are still investigating. “It also checks which cases really belong together,” says König.

Nimphius and his colleagues simply do not want to accept the destruction: “Of course, we want to do everything we can to get those responsible”.

schöne Karikatur gegen Hochsitzen

My comment: The hunt is nothing but the terror of a minority of 0.45% sadistic murderer against innocent and defenseless animals.
And a population of over 80,000,000 Germans makes this terror possible with their “tolerance”, their cowardice.

But… some disagree and actively defend the rights of the defenseless. Against the green plague in the forest.
And if we consider that a hunting license can be purchased within 6 days, then we can also imagine how big the hit quota in the hunt is.
At least from this murder seats no animal will be shot down, that’s for sure.
The hunt is and will continue to be murder!

With best regards, Venus


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