First class corrupt governments!

Germany: Federal parliament rejects stop of long-distance transports!


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“It is a scandal that animals continue to be transported under terrible conditions to third countries. The outcry after the 37 degree reportage “secret thing animal transports” was once very large – but now you continue just as before, “said Dr. Rusche of the German Animal Welfare Association.

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In their application, the Greens called for a suspension of transports – as long as the requirements of the EU regulation on live animal transports in third countries are genuinely met – as well as limited transport times. The FDP (free democrats)  demanded the suppression of transports, if they do not meet the European minimum standards, as well as compliance with the EU Regulation with appropriate controls, reports the German Animal Welfare Association.

tiertransporte-Schiff Transport

For Dr. Brigitte Rusche, Vice President of the German Animal Welfare Association, it is a scandal that the applications were simply swept away and animals continue to be transported under terrible conditions to third countries. “The outcry after the 37 degree reportage ” secret thing animal transports ” was once again great – but now you’re just as on as before. According to a ruling by the European Court of Justice, EU transport regulations must be adhered to the destination, even if it is located outside the EU, “Dr. Ruffle.

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That’s their information, right now, not the case; in the case of long-distance transports, the rules are systematically disregarded, she denounces. The Federal Government would have to suspend such transport, as long as compliance with the regulations is not guaranteed.

“The fact that the CDU / CSU (Christian Democratic Union) simply downplayed the animal welfare conditions, and the SPD (socialists ) claims that a moratorium, at EU level is unenforceable, once again makes it clear that the animals and the animal protection of the Grand Coalition have nothing to expect.
And this despite the fact that the coalition agreement stated that transport times should be shortened and that transports should be better controlled. The statement of Federal Minister of Agriculture Klöckner, “Animal welfare should not end at borders”, is also and apparently only a set phrase, “criticizes Dr. Ruffle.

Kühen mit Krahn gezogenn

My comment: Four million animals are transported annually to countries outside the EU, often via several intermediate stations. The animals are born, for example, in Germany, raised in Eastern Europe and then transported to Turkey. The average transport times are extreme and mean absolute torment for the animals. Cattle alone is traveling to Turkey for 68 hours. The animals are often on the road for days, depending on the transport route weeks, because EU does not want to put legally a time limit for the transport. At the destination, these “breeding animals” sooner or later end up in the slaughterhouse.

Does one of you remember, by chance, what EU Commissioner Vytenis Andiukaitis has said about animal transports, when the EU Commission should decide on the subject?

He said : “trade in live animals is an integral part of modern agriculture. The Commission therefore does not consider restricting the export of live animals”!!

So … continue exports to third countries, continue to transport animals for days in the EU and around the world.
And that decides an oligarchy of 28 “Do nothing” but well-paid persons who, in principle, obey nothing other than what their president Juncker says. And he is, as is known, the servant of Merkel. This is the EU Commission, which we have been expecting for ten years to meet or even improve the regulations on animal transport.

This is the EU-dictatorship!

My best regards to all, Venus

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