EU Commission: never again use the word “moral”!


zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock

MEP Stefan Eck: “Everything must now be done to put an end to this miserable, legalized animal cruelty!”

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On 08.11.2018, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Law (ENVI) held the first debate on the “Report on the implementation of the Regulation on the protection of animals during transport inside and outside the EU (EC 1/2005 )” instead of.

MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck, who is “shadow rapporteur” for his group in this statement, reported on his shocking experiences at the port of Koper (Slovenia) and Rasa (Croatia) in the summer of this year, where he was exposed to the reprisals of the corrupt police apparatus, because he documented with his assistant the existing grievances (excessive temperatures in the vans) and horrible animal cruelty when loading cattle.

Tote Kuh auf LKW

MEP Eck pointed out to the Commission representatives that he would present the explosive footage shortly, including EU Commissioner Andriukaitis.

In his emotional speech, he urged his colleagues and the Commission to never again use the word moral as long as they allow animal misery in transports.

And I say: Not only the word, but the function as MEPs may no longer be used by the ladies and gentlemen of the EU Commission!

My best regards, Venus


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