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After international protests, China does not want to allow trade in rare animal products such as tigers and rhinos. This was announced by the State Council in Beijing. Environmentalists reacted relieved.

China does not want to implement the easing of trade and the use of tiger bones and rhino horn for the time being. State Council member Ding Xuedong told the official news agency Xinhua, the changes announced in October and criticized internationally, have been postponed, according to relevant studies. One has dealt again exactly with the topic, so Ding. The prohibitions thus remained comprehensive.


Tiger als Teppich

At the end of October, the State Council in Beijing announced that the trade in tiger bone and rhino horn of farmed animals should be legalized.


This was intended to facilitate the use of body parts of endangered species for healing, research or trade in antique exhibits. Tiger and rhino parts are components of traditional Chinese folk medicine.

Praise from the WWF

The environmental organization WWF criticized that the re-establishment of a legal market would also endanger animals in the wild, as the demand for them would then increase.


Already in 1993, China had banned trading in rhino horn and tiger bone.
But, according to environmentalists, the country could not prevent the booming black market with products imported via Vietnam. The ivory trade, which is considered a status symbol in China, is also banned.

Environmentalists responded with relief to the recent decision of the State Council. China has done a lot for biodiversity conservation in recent years, explained board member WWF Germany, Christoph Heinrich. It would be “an important signal to the international community if China retains this leading role”. The WWF will work to ensure, that “the easing that China has for the time being only put on ice”, will be canceled in the future completely.

My comment: Who would have thought that!!
For thousands of wild animals, creates a better future and hope for life.
If we all stay together and fight together, we can do great things!

My best regards, Venus



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