Pregnant cows in Dachau




The slaughter of pregnant cows is a practice that very few people know about. However, this is the daily routine in slaughterhouses around the world.

Kalb-Fötus pg

More and more cruelties and crimes from the dairy industry are revealed

Recorded at a Limoges slaughterhouse in France, this undercover investigation by L214 éthique et animaux reveals video footage of this horrible reality. A reality that the dairy industry is determined to hide from its customers.

The criminal methods of the milk mafia

In the dairy industry, cows are routinely impregnated, so they can continue to produce milk. The non-stop pregnancies are essential since cows will only produce milk if they give birth.

As a result of many pregnancies, cows on dairy farms become exhausted and their bodies are naturally able to produce less and less milk.

Kuh-SOKO Investigation

When cows become less profitable, they are sent to slaughter and replaced with their daughters.

Since cows on dairy farms are routinely impregnated, many are sent to slaughter when pregnant. During slaughter, the unborn embryos are ripped out from their bodies.

In this way, every day unborn calves die in the slaughterhouses. Often, the suckler cows are also led to the butcher, because it is not worth calling for the veterinarian for a seriously ill, pregnant cow. The politicians know about it.


Due to protests in Germany since 1 September 2017 for pregnant animals a “slaughter ban”! However, numerous exceptions remain behind the standards of voluntary agreements that are now available in many federal states. According to an estimate of the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, also 180,000 pregnant cows die painfull in Germany.

“The fact that we even need a law that protects healthy, pregnant animals from slaughter is shameful”, according to animal welfare organization ProVieh!

My comment:  Meat is murder! We order, the others slaughter!

Anyone who consumes meat and animal products is a helper and supporter of a criminal system. This system knows no bounds on sadism, torture and destruction of Farma animals.
Anyone who wants to calm his conscience with the fairy tale of Bio- attitude, should know today, thanks to numerous hidden videos, that the Bio- attitude is nothing more than a lie, to reassure consumers, so that this system can cheat them easier.

My best regards, Venus





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