And we thought, we have seen everything…




The ingenuity of animal experimenters knows no bounds: merciless, cruel and perverse in the hunt for money and fame

Anyone who has hoped, with the pictures of monkeys with open brains and electrodes in it, to have already looked the worst devil in the face, must be said for some days: No, it is still sicker, even crass, even more perverted.
The Animal Experiments team led by Emily Partridge of the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia proudly publishes incredible atrocities: They removed unborn lambs from live ewes and kept them in plastic bags (biobags), for weeks before most of the animals were killed to examine them.


According to Spiegel-Online, the umbilical cord of the unborn lambs was connected via cannulas to an artificial placenta.

The lambs were kept for weeks in a plastic bag filled with artificial amniotic fluid.
This was also biobag “baptized”, a special mockery of animal and nature conservation friends, for whom the name Biobag had a positive meaning so far. writes that in three years experiments on humans are planned!! At the end of the experiment, the animal experimenters want to develop an artificial uterus for human babies and present the following video:


Why animal experiments only help the exploiters and not the humans

The animal rights organization “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” emphasizes that animal experiments are not transferable to humans. Therefore, clearly benefit animal experimenters who earn honor and money with it. Incidentally, the German population does not believe in animal testing at all, according to a representative Forsa survey commissioned by Doctors Against Animal Experiments”.

Schaffen karikatur in KZ_nPicture: Jo Frederiks

Most interviewees did not consider animal testing necessary, just cruel and would like to see them stopped. In the following video, the “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” show very clearly, why animal experiments are useful to the ambitious and greedy exploiters, but certainly not to humans:

My comment: The experiment reminds us of the experiments in concentration camp, in the Nazi period. At that time people were the victims, today it is the non-human animals that are the victims.
But there is another, important difference too:
At that time, we did not know exactly what kind of crime happened to people. Today, and thanks to undercover investigations by animal rights activists, we know very well what is going on in the laboratories. Therefore, we have no excuse for our silence and indifference, about the criminal acts of the experimenters and their crimes.

My best r egards, Venus

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