Alzheimer’s research: a disaster



Again a devastating failure in Alzheimer’s research on animals

At a recent science conference, a total of three pharmaceutical companies announced that their investigational drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease have failed – even though they had been successfully tested on mice [1]. The animals were genetically engineered to develop pseudo-Alzheimer’s disease.

Mäuser in Laborkäfig-4

The preparations, also known as BACE inhibitors, apparently even harmed the patients because they worsened their cognitive abilities and led to brain atrophy. The journal Nature writes about the long list of failures [2]: “Drug manufacturers have spent billions looking for therapies that can reverse or significantly slow Alzheimer’s – but to no avail.”

Alzheimer’s patients deserve better. Or to put it in the words of a molecular biologist cited in this article:

“The biggest mistake you can make is to assume there could be a mouse with Alzheimer’s. “

Experimenters must use higher-quality, animal-free research methods whose results are actually transferable to humans. For example, a groundbreaking study has just been published that has been performed on cells from the human brain [3]. It provides new insights into the development of Alzheimer’s and can thus contribute to the development of effective treatment methods.

Experimental mice is used to preclinical test for new drug development

Original published on April 3, 2017:

After a long series of failed attempts, animal experimenters have come to realize that their previous attempts to develop treatments for Alzheimer’s have come to nothing [4].
It’s hard to believe, but for decades time and money have been wasted on developing more than 100 medicines that ultimately turn out to be a failure. Countless animals have lost their lives so far.

In an attempt to develop medicines for Alzheimer’s, experimenters have been tormenting mice, dogs and other animals for years. The problem is that these animals do not get Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, the “researchers” had to alter the genetic makeup of animals to trigger the formation of amyloid plaques, which similarly occur in the brain of affected individuals.

The result: The animals may seem to be helped against symptoms that look like Alzheimer’s but are not Alzheimer’s.
But human patients continue to suffer.


My comment: Recently we reported about the case “Max Planck Institute” in Tübingen, remember?

The Greek Nikos Logothetis and his troupe “researched” for decades of Rhesus monkeys to vent the mystery of the human brain for the purpose of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
The result: monkeys who were tortured to death, a lawsuit against Logothetis and other “researchers”, waste of billions of euros from our coffers for criminals idiots who have never brought a result for the benefit of man.
But these criminal idiots continue to work, they continue to earn, animals continue to die, and serious diseases continue to plague us all.

My best regards, Venus

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