EU: May 2019 – The Biggest ‘Fear’ For Those In Brussels Who Do NOT Listen.


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We have been personally saying on both SAV and WAV sites for many years that the ‘average / normal’ citizen of the EU is basically being ignored by the ‘maters’ (Junker, Tusk etc) when it comes to issues that they have strong feelings about, such as the live transport of animals and the 8 hour rule.

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8 hours was a major campaign across the EU to limit the journey times for animals in transport to a maximum of 8 hours; thereby cutting down on the suffering which is forever being presented to the EU ‘masters’; which is then completely ignored by them.  The Status Quo rules you could say.

Well now, Professor Cedomir Nestorovic of the ESSEC Business School; has said that the EU elections in May 2019 are the biggest ‘fear’ for the EU; as well as Brexit; as there will be a rise in populistic parties all over Europe.  In other words; the normal EU citizen is getting ‘bummed off’ with the dictatorship of Brussels and will this time vote for parties that reflect their views a lot more comer the May elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEP).

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“I am not really confident that we will have some kind of Europe building capacity in the future as we have in the past.” said the Professor.

He added: “I think the higher fear is the elections in May because for the major part of the European countries, the UK is over, the UK has left the European Union.

The European elections to elect new MEP’s throughout Europe to represent ‘the normal EU citizen’ will take place between May 23 and 26, less than two months after Britain’s exit from the Brussels bloc.

The situations in Italy and France for example represent such problems.  French President Emmanuel Macron and Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini are expected to become the symbols of the two sides at the upcoming vote.  Neither of the two leading politicians will actually stand for a seat in the European Parliament elections; but the two political forces have made it clear they will fight for their respective political sides to determine the future of the continent.

The French President (Mr Macron) has been battling in France f9or weeks now to control the so-called “yellow vest” protests which have paralysed parts of France since erupting last month with demonstrators clashing with police, torching cars, erecting roadblocks and burning barricades.  Signals that the ‘normal’ EU citizen is not happy with what is coming from EU governments as well as from Brussels (EU).

The Italian eurosceptics will likely team up with MEPs from (French) Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and (Hungary) Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party, who are also expected to gain votes.

eu uk 4

The UK should not be presenting any MEP’s for election in the May votes; as the UK should have left the EU by this time – the process of ‘Brexit’; which again was introduced in 2016 by British citizens being given the option of remaining or leaving the EU.  Again here; the majority of citizens in the UK voted for Britain to leave the EU; as they felt they were not being listened to; represented or actions taken to support their wishes at the EU in Brussels.

So; the elections in May 2019 will be very interesting throughout Europe.  We at WAV do expect that the ‘common man / woman’ of Europe will have their say at the election booth and that post May; there will be major changes in the make up of the European Parliament.
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Junker, Tusk and others have been presented with real evidence for change over the years.  They have decided to ignore it; putting themselves on a higher pillar than the people of the EU.  In May, we envisage that the ‘worm will turn’ and the pillars will come crumbling down.

Who knows; in the post 2019 elections; we may even witness animals being transported throughout the EU for a maximum of 8 hours ! – They were warned that they needed to change the rules; they ignored it; maybe in May they will pay the price !



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