England: Chris Packham; Wildlife Campaigner and Broadcaster; Becomes CIWF Patron.



From Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), London:

We are delighted to announce that naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has joined us as a Patron. The popular TV presenter, conservationist and photographer has been a wildlife enthusiast since he was a small boy. Chris has become a well-known champion for wildlife, fronting TV shows including, The Really Wild Show, BBC Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

A compassionate campaigner

Chris is also a very active campaigner spearheading The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife and leading the way with his new London rally #ThePeoplesWalkForWildlife – on which our CEO, Philip Lymbery, attended in September, along with thousands of others.

Passionate about finding a better way for us all to take action to protect our wildlife and the wider environment, Chris is a wonderful advocate to have on board and encourage others to help make a difference.

“There’s an old expression ‘you are what you eat’. I think we need to change it to ‘what you eat says who you are’ because now each and every one of our diets needs a critical rethink,”  said Chris, on becoming our Patron.

“From our health perspective, from the point of animal welfare, to the impact farming has on wildlife and to the way that our food choices shape the environment of the entire planet. Thinking about eating no, less or better quality meat or dairy needs to be on our agenda. As does a better understanding of the way modern farming practices are shaping our world and how we can work together with farmers to improve these for everything and everyone’s benefit. Young people in particular need to re-connect to the nature of food and learn the true cost of its production and food labelling, so we can make informed choices must be significantly improved. All this is why I am pleased to be a Patron for CIWF, a body calling for reforms based on science, best practice and compassion.”

Joining the fight to end factory farming

It is fantastic to have such a respected and dedicated Patron supporting us in the fight to end factory farming.

Chris spoke in depth about his concerns regarding industrial scale farming and its impact on the natural world when interviewed for Philip’s blog and Big Table podcast recently.

Philip said: “Chris is a wonderful advocate to have on board. We look forward to him supporting our fight to end factory farming.”

Find out more about Chris Packham on his website.


WAV Comment

Chris is a great wildlife campaigner; with specialist knowledge on so many issues.  Birds are a real speciality of his; and here is a video about him investigating the massacre of birds by hunters in Malta.

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