USA: Trump administration uses current shutdown for the sole purpose of approving oil and gas drilling permits.


The ongoing government shutdown, now the longest in American history, is not only imposing hardship on millions of families across the country, it is also having devastating impacts on our environment.

And while national parks go unstaffed, hazardous chemicals go unmonitored, and our food goes uninspected, the Trump administration is bringing back furloughed employees at the Department of Interior for the sole purpose of approving oil and gas drilling permits.

With our government in disarray, Trump and his allies are seizing this moment to charge ahead with their assault on our environment.

We need you with us as we respond to their attacks with every ounce of strength we have.

Please, read Robert Redford’s message below and rush your urgent support to help us defend our planet now.

Become a Monthly Partner and an Extra $100 Goes Straight to NRDC!

We’re entering President Trump’s third year in office — and the stakes have never been higher. Mark, the environment needs you.


Dear Mark,

As we prepare ourselves for the next two years of President Trump’s term, there’s one thought I can’t shake: The stakes for our environment have never been higher.

Our climate, our air, our water, our public lands, our treasured wildlife — it’s all at grave risk.

But I’m not ready to admit defeat. To the contrary: NRDC and their determined, dedicated staff give me great optimism. They have a bold plan to protect our environment from every attack we face — but they need our help to carry it out.

That’s why today, I ask you to join me in committing to support NRDC through all of the battles ahead. If you become a Monthly Partner right now, a generous donor will kick in an extra $100 for the environment, up to NRDC’s $300,000 goal. Will you step up with a monthly gift to help fund this fight today?

For nearly half a century, NRDC has been at the forefront of the environmental movement: safeguarding our public lands, protecting our wildlife, and fighting to stop the impacts of climate change for all citizens… no matter which party they belong to.

More than any other group I know, they have the focus, the expertise, and the drive to protect the environment from the most pressing attacks. I put all my trust behind this organization.

But they depend upon our support to keep this vital work going. It’s only with our help that NRDC can continue to mobilize millions of Americans in fierce opposition when the environment is threatened… to lead efforts at the national, state, and local levels to win breakthrough policies… to hold the government accountable, and enforce the protections we’ve fought so hard for.

Please stand with me and NRDC by lending your generous, steady support at this critical moment. If you become a Monthly Partner by January 31, NRDC will receive an extra $100 to fund their fights ahead, both in and out of the courtroom.

I have supported NRDC for the last 45 years for one simple reason: they know what it takes to win. They’ve gone to court with the Trump administration 70 times in the last two years, and have won an astounding 85 percent of the cases that have been resolved — each one of them a victory for our environment, and our future.

When you make your gift right now, I promise you that the impact you make will be felt for months, years, and generations to come. Thank you for standing with the environment, and with NRDC.


Robert Redford
Trustee, NRDC

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