Germany: More ‘Fox Week’ Posts From Our Other Site To Support Venus’ Article.



Following on from Venus’ very recent excellent post on ‘Fox Week’ in Germany;


I have also been covering for week for many years on our other site ‘Serbian Animals Voice’:

So here are links to past posts from SAV also covering this unnecessary murder of innocents by those who have nothing better to do.  Links are not provided in any order.


fox week 2013 8

So as you can see from the above links; we are familiar with; and have campaigned to stop fox week. 

Some of the above past photos are from ‘D’ (also in Germany) who has been involved with this campaign (advisor / photographer) also and worked with us at SAV in these roles. 

The above links are for your information and further reading only; so that you also can become very familiar with what happens at ‘fox week’ in Germany. 

Regards Mark


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