How media reports about a mass death of animals


Completely burned out: A pigsty had started fire, the 1100 caged animals are burned alive. The cause has now been determined (?)




First registration: April 9, 6:49. WarendorfAround 19:19 on Monday (April 8), a pigsty of the farm Schwienhorst  (Warendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia area) has caught fire. Whether this is a technical defect or even arson has not yet been determined: the cause is not yet clear.

Around 130 firefighters were on duty and were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the nearby residential building. However, the pigsty burnt down completely in Warendorf: “It killed about 100 mother sows (!!!) and 1000 piglets,” reports the police.

500,000 euros damage after fire in Warendorf!!

Update: April 9, 12:13 pm. Warendorf – As the police just announced, the cause has now been determined, but there were no indications of a negligent or intentional fire. “The fire may have broken out due to a technical defect,” reports the police. The officials are also correcting the number of burned animals down: it should be around 700 (!!!)


In addition to the forces of the fire brigade, police and ambulance service, the employees of the public order office and the county veterinary office were present at the deployment in Warendorf. In addition, a rescue team had to come to slaughter the injured animals.

“According to initial findings, the damage should amount to just over 500,000 euros,” summarizes the police in Warendorf. The investigations into the cause of the fire continues. (We continue to report).

1100 Schweine verbrannt-warendorf-1T6b

It is not the first fire in the Münsterland where animals had to die: just a few days ago a pig stall was in flames in Ostbevern. It killed 100 animals. ( Due to this fire, PETA has filed complaint against the operator, note from Venus). The owner of the plant has now been shown. That could now be imminent for the operator of the pig farm in Warendorf.

My Comment: First of all, one thing must be clear: Any animal that dies in a stable in a fire is grossly negligent killed.

The fire protection regulations in the German stables are as good as not regulated. And in addition comes the fact that in most stables the number of slaves animals has an illegal height, so that in case of fire any help comes too late.

We are deeply saddened by the death of 100 mothers who were burned as slaves in a barracks for the purpose of meat production.
We mourn over their 1000 newborn children, who were also born as slaves in the service of the meat machine and were burnt together with their mothers helpless and cruel.

They were not mother sows, they were mothers.
They were not piglets, it was their children.

ferkel am mutterjpg.jpg

This is how the language of the media works: they present the mass murder of animals as ordinary random events and degrade the victims to objects, so that the perpetrators are relieved in advance.
And if one still does not feel compassion for the “poor” farmer, who is financially ruined by the unexplained burning of 1000 creatures, the amount of 500,000 euros in damage will convince him.
Mass media reports about animals are Conscience Opium for naive people.

Best regards, Venus

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