Instructions to murder


The following article comes from the internet german magazine “Wild and Dog”. It is an exemplary demonstration of cold-blooded cynicism and repulsive hypocrisy, with which a psychopath describes how the cruel hunting form, constuction`s hunt, works.

Hunters are not only professional killers, they are also professional liars, which is also clear in this article.

baujagd 1

First, some about these two hunting (murder) forms

1. Hunting in the nature buildings of the foxes. These buildings raise the foxes themselves to overthrow their family. The dogs are trained with constant pressure to force the animals to jump out, and then they are massacred from thr hunters.

2. The second is hunting in artificial structures for foxes (constructed by hunters). There is the same murderous game of driving the animals out, so they are shot. But there are provided also the fox traps.


Both are methods that want to satisfy a sick sadism and are used only by psychopaths.

The article: Introduction

“Who wants to reduce foxes effectively, has no choice: he must hunt young foxes. We show how it works”.

“No, it certainly does not make fun – not a bit. Because the shooting or catching of young foxes in the construction is one of the most unpleasant acts in hunting life”

But on an other article in year 2017 we find an other oppinion and a video. And there it says: “fox hunting is fun, it’s a nice thing to hunt the fox, it’s an exciting hunt. Hunting in construction is infinitely more exciting than other forms of hunting”.

The article cintinues: “If you want to kill the puppies in the building, it rarely succeeds in getting all the young foxes. The mother will bring the rest of the family to safety, and you’ll have to search again. However, it is very difficult to find the puppies in the increasingly dense vegetation in May. “

Fox puppy traps

With ice cold murderous professionalism is described how to get the foxes in the traps.

“However, if you use special traps, this risk is much lower. Often it is possible to capture the whole thing in just one night.

Meanwhile, several types of puppy traps have been developed and improved.

In practice, the quadrilateral models have proved their worth. The traps have a mesh size of 19 × 19 or 25 × 50 millimeters. However, they can also be produced from 12 millimeter thick screen printing plates!

fuchsfallen betonpg

Around March, the puppies are born and at about four weeks, the puppies explore the tube system of the building, and appear about the fifth week of life before the construction, usually in the last April to the first week of May.

Füchsen WelpenAt least, now that the Fox Mum is foraging, it’s time to populate the main tubes with puppy traps. The sooner the intercept, the safer the entire tail gets caught, because in a puppy age of about five to six weeks still a very strong bond of the puppies to each other and to the parent building exists.

And then…

“The trapped puppies are killed by headshot with an approved caliber weapon (22 lb is allowed), either in the trap or outside. And that is anything but a refreshing hunt.

Only understandable if therefore many hunters reject the puppy for emotional reasons. But one must not forget that so that foxes can be taken from the animal welfare in the wild and we get only so the outrunning fox population really under control”.

The truth is: The Animal Welfare Act, § 1 states: “… No one shall inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal for any reasonable reason.” Only these psychopaths, the hunters have made sure that this law is not widely used by their peers.

Quote biologist Professor Reichholf says: “Our forests are abused as wild breeding grounds for a privileged recreational sport.”

About 10 million animals killed every year from hunters hand, more than half a million of them are foxes. The hunt is nothing but a bloody open air slaughterhouse. And in the end, the remains of the victims hang as trophies on the walls.

How run down can missing morality still look like? Turning a vulnerable life into a bleeding, lifeless bundle of suffering is a crime! What else should be a crime? ”

Hunting is and will continue to be murder!


it is time to hunt the huntersn

My best regards, Venus

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