Fuck (Fair) Oaks Farms and Coca-Cola



Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the US producing Fairlife milk products manufactured, marketed and distributed by Coca-Cola Corporation. Now that a Nestlé dairy company has been charged with animal abuse in the US, it’s time for Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola Fair Oaks Farms777

The most heartrending scene in the video shows calves exposed to extreme heat and die.
Fair Oaks Farm is the largest dairy in the US and the nation’s largest tourist destination. But the cruel reality is hidden from both the consumer and the tourist!
It’s so bad that Fair Oaks Farms should even be shut down to stop further abuse. In addition, Coca-Cola is called upon to withdraw completely from the dairy industry and consumers should no longer buy products from Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola. kalb png

ARM founder Richard “Kudo” Couto argued that the undercover videos should show what really happened at Fair Oaks Farms, a mega-farm one hour north of Lafayette that attracts 500,000 visitors a year and is touted as an “agricultural” tourism window becomes animal husbandry. An undercover investigator working for ARM found a job in the farm and filmed the cruelty. Couto said he has never seen such brutal and constant abuse of animals, of all those Fair Oaks Farms had contact with.

Coca-kälber schlagenng
Many of the conversations in the video involved people speaking Spanish.

As with the Nestlè dairy, the animals are beaten, kicked and tortured. And the fact that things are even worse is shown by the following footage.

After these excellent undercover investigations on the Internet have caused massive protests around the world the Founder of Fair Oaks Farms Dr. Mike McCloskey Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey has accepted responsibility for what was shown in the video, saying… there was a breakdown in training and oversight of what he called a handful of bad employees. In a series of statements, McCloskey said four of the five people shown in ARM’s initial video were Fair Oaks Farms employees who were fired once the abuse was pointed out to management, either months ago or once the video was released.

undercover Fair oaks farmpng.png

But ARM said that is not enough and that the abuse is not only widespread among the four employees.

“The beating was perpetrated by all employees. Calves were thrown, shoved, kicked and even force-fed. Many of the calves died as a result of abuse and poor conditions. From everyone we worked with and with whom we had contact. From the managers, the supervisor, the foreman, the brutality was just about everywhere, “said ARM founder Richard Couto.


They are now working with the relevant police to investigate possible criminal charges.

After the “brown sauce” – our famous Coca-Cola drink- can no longer score, the Coca-Cola Company wants to conquer the milk market.
Coca Cola is banking on a new lifestyle dairy product: the new Fairlife milk.

Coca-Cola is partnering with a farm in northwestern Indiana in the hope that a newly invented, more nutritious milk will reach many consumers. The soft drink giant has teamed with Select Milk Producers and Fair Oaks Farms to start Fairlife LLC, which will launch a premium milk nationwide. It costs twice as much as conventional milk, including animal suffering, as has now been revealed. A Coca-Cola manager said the company will invest in the development of Fairlife, make it a big brand name and it will “rain money”!!

CocaCola-faire life milk6

And with many countries battling the high percentage of overweight people and introducing taxes on sugar, including in Europe, beverage giant Coca-Cola plans to open a dairy in Ireland. According to the Irish Farmers Journal, Coca-Cola’s goal is to expand into new production areas away from sugary drinks. To build a dairy in Ireland, the Group is already working closely with the Irish Business Development Agency (IDA). Quite by accident (!!!) comes the (still) EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan from Ireland.

Because the EU can not get rid of its milk, it resorts to frightening measures and issues amongst other things an EU schoolmix program. For the delivery of school milk, the EU provides an annual budget of 100 million euros. The dairy lobby even publishes studies purporting to reveal that milk is better than breastfeeding!

Do you notice something? The agricultural lobby is doing everything and gets everything, so that it lacks nothing, but the consumers do not go there anymore!



My comment: As soon as courageous activists inform the public about these crimes, the MAIN leader for this Dachau appears and apologizes.

He reduces the level of crime to four people, who earn a maximum of 10 dollars per hour, work under miserable conditions and try to massacre as many animals as possible so they do not lose their miserable job.

And the worst of all: manager Mike McCloskey wants to reassure us that once the four “sinners” are removed from the farm, everything will be back in harmony and animal welfare.

And not only that: indirectly, he promises that the incident is the absolute exception, it is not in the spirit of Farma ideology to operate with such abominations, it will be taken measure! This has always been the familiar coverup strategy of the Milk and Meat Mafia.

schöner slogan über veganismus_n

If we ALL do not stop breastfeeding and stealing foreign milk as if we were still newborn, these crimes will be practiced as an everyday business in dairy industry and meat industry.
We order, others torture, slaughter, murder.
We must never forget that, and we can finally fight these crimes against our animal companions with our own responsibility and political actions.

My best regards to all, Venus


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