Delicatessen from Austria!


österreichische Flagge


Is not it just amazing? The photos that follow are not just a selection of some horrible pictures, they are randomly removed from the folder – this is what it really looks like behind the scenes! In the meantime, even the greatest optimists must realize that the pink farm idyl does not exist!

Five visited stables – five criminal charges, five times animal cruelty!

A cut of 100%! Delicatessen from Austria!!

ställe in Austria 1

We almost miss the words about what a recent research in Salzburg’s cow stables brought to light – this is only a term permissible at the end of the day:

In the last 2 or 3 years we had several times one in the Salzburger Land, resident farmers because of the horn connection of his bulls display. The Vet authority told us afterwards, from now on the problem would be eliminated, the cruel tying on the horns would be history!

Of course, we are of good faith, but then of course we always want to make sure ourselves that what they have said to us, the promised, has really been implemented.

It will not surprise you, we will disappoint you on a regular basis; so again – unbelievable, no! much worse than that, actually really unbearable, we found now again everywhere bulls chained by the horns.

ställe Austria 2

Moreover, it is not the case that the detainees are well housed – all of them are permanently chained, and not ‘just’ by ordinary means – please see the photos, such an attitude is highly inadmissible (of course, any tethering must finally be forbidden, note)!
Here, the chain is pulled around the neck, then wrapped around the bars on the left and right and fastened. What remains as a radius of movement?
When standing up, the limbs slide upwards over the iron bar a few centimeters, often not even determining that; In addition, the system is amateurish, inadequate, ‘put together’ – just, pure shit!

ställe Austria 3

But what if the authorities simply have no effect on an old, grumpy and stupid farmer? And worse:  how good are the chances of improving grievances when it comes to an influential farmer?
How many of them are in Salzburg !!

Another ‘cow farmer’, in the same environment. Again, neighbors notice that the animals are ‘never at all’ outside; as well as, the stable is in the middle of town, surrounded by buildings.

But may this be a reason for lifelong custody? Would not it rather run so that, if the circumstances do not allow an at least halfway welfare animal husbandry, that then just no animals may be kept in such places ??? But we would not be in Austria …

The lying areas for the cows are too short; The animals are therefore with the hind legs in the feces gutter, an intolerable condition. Their tails are tied up with laces.

ställe Austria 6
Especially a cow seems injured; low-viscosity feces in large quantities surrounds their mooring, and it stands with a forefoot very unnatural on the concrete parapet. Her hind legs are tied together. Expert diagnosis: paresis. She would have to be under constant veterinary treatment, which the official veterinarian has to verify; a permanent bondage of the hind legs is also prohibited!

ställe Austria 5

Next stable, just a few meters away!!.

ställe austria 11The terrain smothered in the dirt. We are here in a richer environment, a so-called Nobel suburb of Salzburg; but apparently the states do not really bother anyone. At least not so much that there are – justified – criticism. ‘

ställe austria 13

Even for this place applies: although there is a large lawn behind the farm, it is said that the cows would NEVER be outdoors. We have no doubt about it.

The cows are like the stable itself – dirty from top to bottom. Manure flows behind the chained animals. Some are in it too. In addition, the lying areas are once again too short. A calf is in a box, young animals are tied shoulder to shoulder.

ställe austria 16
In the next courtyard, in thick letters, ‘Salzburg Milk – Premium Milk Maker’ is emblazoned. Interesting: Salzburg Milch” is currently running a major advertising campaign with enormous effort, ‘animal health’ is a buzzword for this.

ställe austria 10

Generous announcement: as the “first” dairy to renounce the year-round tethering!!! (which, according to law anyway no longer is allowed … probably thea did not know that, but does nothing, still sounds beautiful and pet-friendly and modern). At least 120 days per year, all suppliers must grant their milk producer, the cows, access to a pasture. In ‘premium operation’ even more so. Theoretically at least

All the neighbors confirm it: Here, the animals NEVER come outside the whole year, although extensive meadows are fenced just behind the stable.

ställe Austria 8

A cow obviously suffers from an inflamed udder, she lies alone and abandoned – at least on straw.
The other cows in the stable are tied to thick chains. To ‘premium chains’, certainly …

ställe austria 17

The managing director of the “premium” company “Salzburger Milk” Christian Leeb said in an interview in the newspaper: “We want to give milk consumers a good feeling that they are consuming healthy products, from animals, those who are doing well (!!!) All our dairy products receive 100 percent animal health”.

We go to another farm, in the same environment. Everywhere are components, machines, materials, distributed in the landscape. Chaos. The confusion gives rise to an idea of animal husbandry. The interest is aroused;

Every time we think the height of cruelty has been reached, someone puts it somewhere else.

stier mit ring in der Nase

It’s dirty, all cows are hanging on heavy chains. Did I say all? A mighty bull rises, laboriously. In pain. A whole life in shackles, forced to one and a half square meters. Probably 1000 kg of existence, limited to getting up and lying down.
And the gentle giant actually hangs on a NOSE RING !!! Unbelievably !!!

Ultimately, the next question arises here at the latest: does such a government, like the Vet authority really need it? What is their use then? If this instance seems incapable of enforcing even the smallest of the animals’ rights? Is not this something THE bankruptcy declaration of an entire profession par excellence?
We like to be persuaded of the opposite, but words are simply too few, they are not enough. After all, only the deeds count.


My comment: I know Tom Putzgruber, the chairman of the association “Respect animals” in Austria, and I would like to thank him in the name of all the uncountable animals for which he literally uses his whole life and his whole existence with a force that is in any case unattainable and very difficult to imitate for me.

“Gigantic suffering weighs on many of our animal fellow creatures worldwide,” he always says.
Tom Putzgruber, and his small team has resisted all the animal misery for many years.

in faraway Africa, in Romania, in Mauritania for the labor donkeys, in Bulgaria, in Serbia … everywhere and around the world he travels to alleviate animal suffering.

“In some of the indigenous dialects of Mauritania, there is not even a word for donkeys, they are often referred as “the beasts that one beats “, he says!

Thank you, Tom, for everything you do for our fellow creatures.

My best regards, Venus




















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