The terrorist in the hobby hunter



Nowhere is so much manipulated with untruths and false news as on the hunt. Violence and lies belong to the same coin.

Murdering in the forest for the joy of killing animals dilettantisch, is not a sustainable settlement, but an incomparable anomaly. Today’s hunt is a massive, destructive and militant invasion of natural rhythms and can only be described as a natural terrorism!

For decades hobby hunting has been nothing but a permanently costly construction site, patchwork and disputes for politics, forestry, agriculture, administration, justice, health insurance, insurance, animal welfare, environmental and nature conservation organizations, police, federal government, media etc.


“Wild animals are also refugees from terrorism”

The fact that every day wild animals suffer, flee and die under the often meaningless terror of hobby hunters mostly displaces the collective consciousness in a selfish way.

Jäger am Tisch mit Hirschköpfe

After the various attacks of the followers of the Islamic state, especially in German-speaking countries, it was clear from the state of health what terrorism actually is. The feeling of empathy changed abruptly – into subdued fear.

Even politicians clap applause to this form of terrorism and see no need for action. Sure, of course! It’s not about their life. Not only that: Politicians even organize this terror and bigotry. Anyone who courtes hobby hunters seems to have a broken value compass.

Women, children, adolescents and adults are just as radicalized by hobby hunters and included in a network of violence and life-scorn, as the Pied Piper” in Islam do. Some of the victims are gradually formed into members of terror as early as childhood. Based on crippled ideologies of the “hunter Latin”, the people seeking meaning undergo training to carry out violent actions in the animal kingdom. Foxes, martens, marmots, etc. are only part of their terrorist activities. The faces of the chopped off heads of the dead wild animals, hobby hunters proudly publish on the basis of pictures, videos and statistics.

kinder als jägern

Hunting clubs are always a form of terrorist cells. There are even amateur hunters who claim that shooting a known creature is a special pleasure.

When people hunted earlier, it was important to respect life and feed only their own relatives. Foxes, birds and co. Were not killed, out of boredom, to relax or to recover through a misunderstood nature experience.

Prister segnet Jagdmesseo

“Those who enjoy killing and believe they gain prestige through a meat trophy have neither moral nor intellectual maturity to acknowledge the primitiveness of their actions. This society calls itself civilized, but how can it be civilized if even the persecution, the attacking and the killing of animals, cowering in fear, is still referred by this society as a sport? To kill for pleasure or sport, there is no justification and no apology – Hunt again gives a deep subtle psychosexual Insufficiency. “(Psychologist and neurologist Saper)

One only has to watch the wildlife to see which terror and habitat loss they suffer from. They do not have a quiet minute of their lives, they are in constant fear. As they grow, they constantly raise their eyes in a hunting area to find a hobby hunter. Freedom does not really exist when an animal has to be nocturnal, and so on. The fact that wildlife gets sick under such unnatural and stressful conditions is another point that speaks against this hobby terror.

selbstgemachte Jäger fallen

The fear  the wild animals in front of humans was only trained by them through the hunt. Walkers, cyclists and other nature users get used to the animals. This can be seen in protected areas, such as the Swiss National Park. In spite of the immense flow of visitors, red deer there eat undisturbed even in broad daylight on the open alpine meadows and do not harm any crops. Indeed, according to studies, they even promote biodiversity.


In addition, large parts of the hunters have a knowledge of the last century. This is mainly due to the often inadequate training in the hunter examination courses, which are mainly carried out by fanatics with sect-like ideas, which need no regular qualification. After training, the hobby hunter moves only in the echo chamber of the hunting press, which repeats their crooked and false representations steadily.

In the hunting clubs, one then confirms each other in his view of things. In this way, a secluded sect has emerged, which is hardly accessible for new information.
The fatal thing is that local press and politics still believe under the Hunter’s hat expertise available and in all natural issues like to interview the local hobby hunter.
The hobby-hunter sect then also contaminates the public space.

Hase mit Stock gegen Jäger

“IG Wild at Wild” is a nonprofit community of interests, based in Switzerland, specializing in the legal aspects of wildlife conservation. One of our main concerns is to introduce a contemporary and serious wildlife management modeled on the Canton of Geneva in the cultural landscape – without hobby hunters but with honest gamekeepers. The monopoly on violence belongs in the hands of the state and not delegated to hobby-hunter gangs.


My comment: What kind of person can enjoy taking the life of another creature?

How can a person practice the killing of animals as a hobby, justify his deeds and bloody hobby?

Psychopaths and serial killers can do it!! Serial murders and animal hunts are terribly similar.
Just like serial killers, hunters have to prove their status as a person who has power over life and death.
There are studies that show that 90% of violent criminals started as animal torturers or by hunting.

Hunting magazines are full of images that stimulate hunters and provoke fierce fantasies of hunting and prey killing.

They are full of pictures of hunters triumphant over the animals they slaughtered. The message behind it is obvious: ” Kill something – or rather someone – and you too can achieve true greatness”.

“Killing people is so much fun,” the Zodiac killer wrote in one of his letters. “It’s even better than killing wild animals in the forest, because humans are the most dangerous of all animals.”

Hunters: You have long revealed your ugly face of mendacity.
Shoot yourself and your stupid fellow travelers in politics too.

My best regards to all, Venus

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