Research on animals for military purposes!


Hunde mit Schutzmasken

Earlier and today, living beings, especially pigs, monkeys, goats, rabbits, dogs, mice and rats are used for war research. Pigs were used as living targets, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe, to test the accuracy of newly developed machine guns.

Letzte Reise der Prinz Eugen/Thousands of animals, such as goats, pigs, mice, and rats were housed in the atomic bombs of test ships, while people on other ships waited at greater distances. The effects of radioactivity on the irradiated animals should be investigated. Goats received blood scrub.


Since humans exist, there are also wars. Ever since humans exist, war devices of all kinds have been tested on animals before being used in humans. From the atomic bomb to the rapid-fire rifle, from pests to nerve gas – everything is tested on defenseless animals. The experiments in the field of armaments research are subject to the strictest secrecy, which is why the sparse information that reaches the public is only the tip of the iceberg. Examples from the past:

The US Army abused monkeys by being irradiated with neutrons and subjected to electric shocks. The radioactively contaminated primates had to walk in treadmills until they died of exhaustion (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20.2.84).


On behalf of the US Department of Defense, monkeys were caged at various distances to detonate a neutron bomb. Monkeys that were 700 yards from the explosion died within 48 hours of a dreadful death struggle. Animals within 900 meters were unable to move for minutes and died within a few days (International Herald Tribune, 7.11.78).

bikini atom test
Norwegian military used pigs as living targets. Soldiers fired rifles and pistols at the hind legs and bellies of the suspended animals (picture on Sunday, March 18, 1984).
In Sweden soldiers shot at anesthetized pigs to test a “human” machine gun and inflicted serious abdominal injuries. After awakening from anesthesia, her suffering and dying were observed (Stern, 35/78).

Kriegsforschung an Tiere jpg
The Soviets tested anthrax bombs on monkeys. Depending on the wind that spread the deadly cargo, the animals sometimes died at breakneck speed, but usually torturously slowly. One wanted to determine, how intensively internal organs would be affected by the pathogens, how quickly the animals died (Spiegel 41/00).
In the German Army shot at dogs and in vest vests minced pigs. Many of the animals continued to suffer for days before being wounded or killed.

Also in the german Army, guinea pigs and pigs were exposed to gun thunder. The noise disturbed the eardrum and the tissues of the animals in the lung area (Spiegel 13/84).

In the former German Democratic Republic pigs and rats were exposed to intense radiation of radioactive cobalt 60. The GDR government wanted to find out how fast pigs and cows had to be slaughtered after a nuclear war in order to be able to consume them (daily newspaper, 24.9.91).

In Israel, dogs were strapped explosives, with which they had to run into the enemy country. By remote control, the cargo was exploded if the animals were not previously shot down by the enemy (star 1/90).

In the former Soviet Union, dolphins, seals and beluga whales filled with bombs or bullets were used to kill enemy divers (civilian 3/00).

The German Army Forces carries out so-called “live tissue training” every year – to be sure, these are training sessions on live animals, -in these case – on pigs. In these surgical courses, also called “trauma training”, operations of war wounds are practiced – for example, injuries with severe bleedings! (, May 2019)

“I am Oliver Stone. Every year, the US military shoots and stigmatizes more than ten thousand living animals in cruel “trauma training” exercises in situations that do not resemble real battlefield conditions and do not help soldiers at all to rescue. Undercover shots show these top secret exercises in Virginia Beach.

Live goats were crushed and killed in courses by the US Coast Guard, led by contractor Tear One Contract Group. The instructors used tree-cutting tongs while the animals were still alive. They joked and whistled and a trainer stabbed with a scalpel several times on a goat and escapes her internal organs! Some goats start waking up while being cut in half because they have not been properly anaesthetized.

They moved their legs and bumped. Later in the day, goats were shot in the face with pistols and how they were hacked apart while still alive.

As a veteran, I believe that those who want to fight for our country need the best possible training. An amputated goat with tree-cutting forceps is not a learning tool of the 21st century, and amputating animals is not an effective training path.

There are perfect human imitations today (trauma man) that bleed and are already in use in many military nations! Help us to end the war against the animals”.

My comment: Most of brain research is commissioned by the military. Under the guise of science, sick people can fully live out their sadistic, animal-tormenting fantasies. The whole thing is also often financed with our taxpayers’ money.

There is hardly a country in which not weapons of all kinds are tested until the high-tech rocket on animals. Living targets, exposed to radioactive radiation or the administration of viruse, the misuse of animals for military purposes is the most perfidious, cruel thing imaginable.

The Animal Protection Act prohibits animal testing for the testing of weapons, ammunition and related equipment. But under the guise of alleged protection of soldiers such torturous animal experiments take place and the ban will be avoided.

“The thinking of the future, must make war impossible” (A.Einstein)


My best regards to all, Venus

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