Italy: Right populists approve the bird catch!


Italy flag


Committee against the bird murder e.V.
5 August 2019

Italy is making a dramatic turnaround in bird conservation: the Lombardy regional government – led by the right populist Lega, which also ruled in Rome – has announced that it will allow bird trapping in the fall with nets.

vogel im Falleo

A total of 12,700 blackbirds, red, singing and juniper chokes with miles of nets are to be caught in 24 major catching facilities!
The animals are to be used as live decoys in songbird hunting.

vogel o
In the EU, bird catching has actually been completely banned since 1979, in Italy it was restricted in 1992, but finally abolished in 2014 at the instigation of the Committee against the Birds Murder and its Italian partner associations.

With renewed approval, the Lega makes one of its campaign promises to brainless hunters true and undermines efforts for sustainable bird conservation in Europe. The committee is already in contact with the EU Commission and is preparing a major complaint – Brussels is the only body that can put a stop to the plans of Lombardy.

toter Vogeln


My comment: We wish the Committee against Bird murder good luck in the negotiations with the EU Commissioners.

Yes! It is true that Brussels is the only body that can abolish this crime.
This, and some others, such as animal transports to third countries, animal transports taking place at temperatures above 35 degrees, and above all, animal transports taking place over 8 hours in EU.

For the last, 1,270,000 people had signed by March 2012, and with the support of 395 EU parliamentarians, the campaign thus achieved more than the required majority. In a resolution in December 2012, the European Parliament called on the Commission to implement the eight-hour limit.
However, EU-Commissioners decided that a maximum transport time of eight hours alone would not be enough to improve animal welfare.
Thus, the way is blocked for a change in the law of EU transport to 8 hours.

And on the highways and ships by the sea, blood still flows from the trucks that carry thousands of animals for days.
So much for Brussels, EU Commissioners and other political plagues!

My best regards to all, Venus

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