Living sushi…and we thought, we would have seen everything


And there is nothing that does not exist!!We are now prepared for everything.

Also on live frogs that are eaten.

It is an older video where the half-living frog was served with ice cubes, soy sauce, a piece of lemon. The upper body of the amphibian is served as a decoration on the plate and is in the last live moves. The big eyes gaze at the restaurant visitors, the muscles twitch every now and then, the arms move, even the eyelids blink.

We don`t  just dig ourselves for such a research, but since we were asked if frogs are really eaten alive in Japan, we went on the search and it was really disgusting!
So allegedly cooked frog meat with bitter gourd is a popular remedy for dengue fever.

What is the reason for this belief?

Mosquitoes bite humans, frogs eat mosquitoes and people eat frogs. That’s why we humans are still the strongest in the food chain. Idiotic, right?
And what happens if there are no more frogs?

Frogs are a delicacy especially in the kitchens of France, Western Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Louisiana and the Caribbean, and generally in South and East Asia and parts of Africa. These frogs are mainly imported from Asia. The main exporter is Indonesia. Over thousands of miles, they must endure in tight transport boxes. Arrived at the destination, their legs are cut off without any anestheticdesperately wriggling, the frogs die a painful and slow death.



Would you eat a live frog? Frogs from the kitchen are otherwise known only from France. But frogs are also eaten in far-away Asia. In Japanese restaurants, a very special and cruel delicacy is prepared: live frog sushi.

The frog is broken up into pieces with a sharp knife. It seems he lives and can watch him being eaten. The animal is served in a bowl full of hot broth and fresh vegetables.

Frosch Kopfpg

It is really horrible that we must read that in Central Asia it is a delicacy to eat fallopian tubes of frogs or even the ovaries, also known as ovaries. The court is called Hasma (Harsmar, Hashima).

Frosch-Getränk mit ierstöcke4

These are usually used by the Asian Common Frog (Rana chensinensis). Because of its whitish appearance, Hasma is often falsely described as a “snowflake fat”. Hasma is produced in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning in China. The soup from Hasma is also served in North American cities with a large Chinese population. But mainly in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Frosch Suppepg

At Singapore’s Frog Farm in the Kranji countryside, the meat is bred by the American bullfrog and sold worldwide as a frozen product.

In the following video you can see the frog farm, here live tens of thousands of frogs.


My comment: It is frightening to see how many places in Europe now sell frogs’ legs again and are prepared and eaten in restaurants.

In the “wild frog harvest” the back frog extremities are separated, from living body!!
Most of the imported frog legs are still from these wild catches.

Frog thighs may not look anyone in the eye, but they are ALSO a horrible cruelty, like any food made from animal corpses.
Only that the “civilized” society in Europe can not endure the living gaze of a victim on the plate and therefore dead body parts are preferred and served.

Best regrads, Venus



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