Germany: the cows are milked to death


Germany is the largest milk producer in Europe. More than 33 million tons give our cows a year. Lots of milk, yoghurt, cheese – all at low prices.

werbung mit Kuh auf Milchkartonn

Cows have to give more and more milk. That makes most animals sick. According to BR24 research, more than one and a half million dairy cows are “sorted out” nationwide each year. Veterinarians and scientists speak of torture.

Turbo Kuh_n

On average, a cow today has to give twice as much milk as in the 1970s. This means an increase from 4,000 kg to 8,000 kg per animal. The high performance has its price, says the agronomist Matthias Gau ly of the University of Bolzano: “We have problems with animal health and, accordingly, with animal welfare, and that’s something we urgently need to change.”

“The higher the performance of the animals, the sooner animals go off.”

According to agricultural scientist Gauly, there is a clear correlation between performance and illness. Above all, the udders are heavily loaded, which often leads to inflammation. In addition, it comes, for example, to serious metabolic diseases.
For the scientist, the low life expectancy of the animals is worrying: Instead of 15 to 20 years, dairy cows are on average only five to six years old today.

Bad Iburg abgemagerte Kühepg

“There are clear statistics that show that the higher the performance of the animals, the sooner animals will go.”

How many dairy cows go out, that is to be sorted out annually from German stables, is cleverly not recorded centrally.

Every year 1.7 million dairy cows are sorted out

According to research by the bavarian broadcasting, according to the latest figures, around 1.7 million dairy cows are sorted out each year, ie slaughtered or disposed of in animal carcass disposal. Most because of injuries, illnesses or too low milk yield. This resulted in a query in associations of the dairy industry in all 16 federal states.
Torment breeding: the cows are milked to death!

45. "Schau der Besten" und Wahl der schönsten Kuh

Politicians should have the courage to increase animal welfare, according to scientist Matthias Gauly. This opinion also shares the Berlin Land Animal Welfare Officer Diana Plange. The biggest problem of dairy cattle breeding is performance. The performance limit of the animals is long exceeded, in many cases, the cows would literally “broken milk.” She speaks of tormenting, which is prohibited by law.

Kuh-SOKO Investigation

Agriculture Minister of Germany, Julia Klöckner sees no need for action

Land Animal Welfare Officer Diana Plange calls on Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner to intervene and define limits for dairy cows. On BR24’s request, the Ministry shifts responsibility to the federal states, they are responsible for the implementation of the ban on the prohibition of rape. For the introduction of performance limits, the Agra Ministry sees no need for action, only requires the countries to carry out more checks in the stables (!!!).

What does it mean for a cow to perform well? This great animated film from the news channel BR24 makes it clear to us in a short and realistic way. The film is also very suitable for children.
The translation follows below.


…bloody milk…
Dairy cows are bred to perform well.
They give up to 50 liters per day
To produce a lot of milk, the cow has to give birth regularly
Usually the calf is then removed from the mother immediately
Because the mother’s milk is to be sold
Female calves later become dairy cows themselves
Male calves are a waste product to be fattened and slaughtered there

Irene Weiersmüller, Animals Angels: “Often the calves are not weaned, that means they are used to milk, not to hay or cold water, and the trucks can not give that to the animals
unsupported animals and calves die on the streets …
Animal rights activists and veterinarians have been observing such ills for years
But even the adult high-performance animals suffer, giving viuel milk makes the cows ill:
Metabolic problems
Claw and joint diseases
This causes veterinary costs and more effort in the stable”

Matthias Gauly, agricultural scientist: “There are many farmers who are overwhelmed with the high-performing huh, because they can no longer afford this balancing of keeping, feeding and care of the animal”

Sick animals become unprofitable in this system, they often come too young in the slaughterhouse

Lots of milk, a lot of animal suffering.
Does Germany have an animal welfare problem?,RPo00FU

My comment: Animals are tortured until they get sick.
The milk of the sick animals makes people sick.
And the unhealthy milk from the sick animals is still advertised as healthy and given subsidized by the state as school milk in the schools to the children.
And the environment and climate are also ruined by animal feed, liquid manure and methane.

A shick, criminal system that only ministers, farmer associations, abattoirs, animal transport industry, and stupid human carnivores, the victims of advertising want that.
Can someone else want that? If so, who?


Slogan gegen Milch

My best regards to all, Venus

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