Activism in everyday life


“If you save an animal, you do not change the world.
But for this one, the whole world is changing” the ALF said.



And so it is.
Only very often we want to help, but we don`t know how.
Especially with wild animals, the danger is great that we do something wrong, which brings negative results for us as well as for the animal.

First aid for animals, just like first aid to human animals, should be instructed in the school, only so can a child develop early empathy for animals.


In addition, in school education, a clear mission should be taken: to teach children to be sensitive and active against any animal’s suffering.

Instead of it,  it has been observed for some time in Germany that hobby hunters in childrens’ gardens and schools run a sect-like image campaign with the aim of introducing animal-loving children to the cruel hobby.

rotwild erlegtpg

The manipulation of the children follows a playful method and is advertised as a conservation project, real backgrounds and outgrowths of hunting are played down, falsified or simply concealed.
The hunters are aware that the sneaky and mendacious hunting and the atrocities that  are associated with it, meet with ever greater rejection within society, and therefore they want  in educational institutions to teach children to hunt, so that they can win prospects for the future.


That is not yet the case in Germany, but there is already an infiltration in the school system by hunters.

Kind erschießt Waschbär_n

All who have children should show them the nice video!
So that they learn what a trap is, and that it is mostly provided by those who want to teach them the love of hunting at school.

My best regards to all, Venus

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