India: September 2019 – The Latest Rescues From the Brilliant Team At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.


Helping animal protectors is, in many ways, as important as helping animals directly. We’re delighted that Animal Aid was chosen by by Animal People Alliance, an animal rescue organisation in Kolkata, to train 5 of their staff in an intensive month-long session covering treatment, documentation and case prioritization techniques. 

In addition to focusing on treatments, thorough health exams, handling and how to interpret animal behaviors, we taught the APA team our approach to answering tough questions on a daily basis:  Which cases are immediate priorities? Who can wait a couple of hours for treatment later in the day? Who has healed? Who needs more time?

The staff from APA were amazing learners and they will save thousands of Kolkata sweethearts in the coming years.

Mother dog helps rescuers dig for her buried puppies



This frantic mother dog’s love of her puppies has her digging with paws, biting at stones and tearing at the rubble to free her buried babies who are trapped after a house collapsed in the rain.

When Animal Aid’s rescuers arrived, they feared the puppies might not be alive, but their Mama must have been able to sense that they were still alive and she was determined to tell us so. Every minute was precious and she seemed to realize that they could suffocate at any moment. You’ll never forget this incredible portrait of a blissful rescue and a mother’s unstoppable love. For a mother, nothing is more important than the safety of her children.

To answer mothers’ pleas for help, please donate

Jaanu had an enormous wound but wagged his tail anyway!



A passing motorcycle must have caught a piece of this brave dog’s skin, so deeply that it ripped away an enormous slab almost to the bone. But Jaanu was eager to please, and seemed so grateful for help that he calmly came with his rescuers and wagged his tail throughout a month of intense wound dressings.

He was young, strong, and the wound was fresh when we reached him, so the skin around it was healthy and granulated well with moist bandaging.

To heal the helpless, please donate.

Walking skeleton dog transforms after rescue: Meet Beautiful Mary!



Weary and weaving with illness, this desperate girl was dying from mange when we rescued her. She was too weak to resist, or maybe somehow she knew she needed our help. Without us, she only had a few days of life left.  

Mange is particularly dangerous for street dogs because when they itch, they tend to keep moving, leaving their home neighbourhoods. Only in the advanced stages do they slow down. And that’s why we could find her, and save her life.

Please donate to keep our ambulances on the road, arriving in time to save a beautiful life like Mary’s.


Lena waited patiently for her rescuers with a huge laceration



Wagging her tail with what almost seemed recognition, this incredibly sweet dog lay utterly still with a bleeding slice from chest to belly after falling into a dry well. Once back in our hospital we stitched up Lena’s wound and watched her beautiful recovery.

You can tell an animal “I’ll help you” too. Please donate.


Celebrate the Staff: Lalit!


For the millions of people who have watched and loved Animal Aid’s rescue videos, they might stop to wonder who’s behind the camera during the animal treatment scenes, or who’s capturing the joy in the happy endings segments.

Meet Lalit Kumar, who has served as our in-house videographer for the past 3 years. Lalit focuses on the face and eyes of the animal, often crouching down to be at animal-eye level; he works cheerfully in mud and baking sun; he has to be subtle and call no extra attention to himself, especially while filming in areas where there are many curious noses ready to poke in and investigate.

Lalit’s great camera work is one big reason why Animal Aid is one of the most viewed animal channels in the world, inspiring people everywhere to treat animals better, and to help them when they’re sick

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