EU: Finally, After A Second Try, We Get One Response (out of 10)Regarding Our Concerns For Romanian Sheep Exports. Now We Wait to See What Happens (if anything !).





Hi all

Regarding the issue of the 70,000 live sheep exported from Romania to the Middle East recently, which we covered on a daily basis; we then raised the issue with EU MEP’s as to what injunctions were going to be taken by the EU against Romania.

You can read our letter here:

… well, a few weeks on and we had NO replies from anyone – no real surprise to us, but a reflection of the system in the EU. So we wrote again:

Yesterday, 19/9, we finally had one e mail back to us regarding the issue. It was from the office of Judith Bunting MEP (for SE England). The letter was worded:

Dear Mr Johnson,

I apologise that you have not received a response from our office regarding this issue.

This is a notice to say that we have received your email and Ms Bunting will be in touch with answers to your questions in due course.

For now, we are waiting on responses from other MEP’s offices regarding:

– The Commission’s infringement proceedings against Romania

The Motion for Resolution submitted by Dominique Bilde MEP


With regards to the other questions in your letter, we have contacted both the European Parliament’s Research Service as well as the Health and Food Commissioner’s office. They should be able to provide more clarity on the issues you discuss.

Kind regards,



Finally; someone is addressing our concerns ! – it is worth looking at the ‘motion for resolution’ submitted by Dominique Bilde MEP via the link given above.

So now we wait to see what we get back from the EU.

Viehtransport per Schiff g

In the meantime; the same vessel (the Al Shuwaikh’) which carried all the suffering Romanian sheep to the Middle East is now trying desperately to get a consignment of sheep from South Africa – you can read more here:

We have yet to hear if the SA government are going to allow the shipments both now and in the future.


Here is a video showing the conditions in which the sheep are transported; and how they suffer during the voyage.


This is the reason why we fight the live export trade so vigorously; be it by road, sea or air. We will never give up with our exposure of the terrible suffering animals endure during live transport.


Regards Mark

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