Feather industry: a bloody business



Human being has always been a murderer, rapist and warrior! Everywhere is the human species responsible for pure horror, sheer horror: in factory farming, in laboratories, in the clothing industry, in the circus industry, in entertainment … absolute lawlessness against animals, absolute sadism of human tormentors.

It’s almost amazing how routinely this torture of plucking is done.

The victims are the animals, victims of brutal auxiliary workers in horror places who treat and dismember living beings like puppets.
And these tortures have been practiced for decades and supported massively by a society that morally and as far as animals are concerned, still lives in the Stone Age. And even with pleasure!

Now that autumn and winter are coming: Buy your blankets, pillows and jackets only from synthetic or natural materials!

The advertising industry is trying by all means to sell feather products as a non plus ultra for warm clothes.
There is no heat in these products, only hell!
And behind them exists a whole mafia industry of exploitation and shocking cruelty .
Everyone who buys feather products is either uninformed or an asshole!

Best regards to all, Venus

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