USA: Woman Bites Camels Testicles after it Sits on Her at Truck Stop Petting Zoo. The Camel Has Been Given Antibiotics To Make Sure It Does Not Get Any Diseases.


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Woman bites Camels testicles after it sits on her at Truck Stop Petting Zoo.


WAV Comment – Most people go to the park for a picnic; from what we know, the camel is making a full recovery and should not get any disease from the woman. And as for the woman … next time take your dog to the park?


So, there’s this truck stop. With a petting zoo. With a camel. And a woman bit the camel where?

A veterinarian has prescribed antibiotics to a camel owned by a Louisiana truck stop petting zoo after a woman bit the 600-pound animal’s genitals to free herself from under its weight. 

Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office documents obtained by The Advocate on Monday accuse Florida couple Gloria and Edmond Lancaster of throwing treats for their unleashed dog into Caspar the camel’s enclosure at Tiger Truck Stop.

The couple told deputies the camel attacked the dog, but the sheriff’s office said the couple had provoked the animal before it sat on Gloria Lancaster. She’d crawled under barbed wire to retrieve her pet.

Gloria Lancaster told officers she had to bite the camel’s testicles to free herself.

Truck stop manager Pamela Bossier said a veterinarian prescribed Caspar antibiotics as a precaution. 



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