Brazil: oil spill and no one knows where from


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Enigmatic oil spill kills animals along the Brazilian coast –
The world sees that the Amazon in Brazil is burning the lungs of our planet. And it’s still burning, but another environmental catastrophe is coming.


Since September 2, 2019, an enigmatic oil spill kills wildlife along the Brazilian coast. Meanwhile, according to the Brazilian Environmental Agency Ibama, beaches along the 3000 km long coast of the Brazilian Northeast are affected.

Recalling “Deepwater Horizon”, 580,000 million liters of oil flowed into the sea, destroying the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Even now, many marine animals in Brazil are fighting for survival after the oil spill, including oil-glued birds and poisoned turtles, as contact with oil can cause serious damage to their health.

schildkröte mit öljpgTortoises were found dead – photo


Although there are extensive oil exploration activities off the coast of Brazil, the authorities have excluded this as the cause of the oil spill. That means a 3,000 km coastline is destroyed by an oil spill and nobody knows where this oil comes from (!!!).
It was April 2019 that the Brazilian Environmental Agency approved the exploration of oil in the largest coral reefs in the South Atlantic.

Again and again it comes to bad oil catastrophes, quickly the news disappeared from the media and we rarely learn what damage this disaster has left. And in Brazil nobody wants to have caused the oil spill, even though there are extensive oil exploration activities.

öl in brasil jpgAn oil rig in front of Rio de Janeiro. (Image: David Silverman / Getty Images)


The oil spill, first discovered on September 2, 2019, spanned more than 1,500 km and was discovered at 105 locations in eight states that affect wildlife and popular beaches, including Praia do Futuro in Ceará and Maragogi in Alagoas.

Öl-pest in Brazil2

According to the latest report from the Brazilian Environmental Institute (Ibama), which was updated on Saturday, September 28, in the state of Alagoas, 11 sites in 9 communities are affected by oil spills. According to Ibama, the crude oil reached 112 locations on the northeast coast. The number of cities affected by oil spills has risen to 53 since the beginning of September. Alagoas is one of 8 states with the same substance.

Whether fish and crayfish stocks are affected by the pollution is not yet known. Meanwhile, many dead turtles have been found on the beaches. Ibama’s recommendation is to bring back living animals, not just cleaned, to the sea. In these cases, the population was asked to visit the competent environmental authorities to have the animals examined before returning to the sea.

Experts are still scratching where the oil actually comes from. But it is certain that the oil comes from one and the same source.
However, one of the environmental protection agencies’ hypotheses is that a ship has drained crude oil on the high seas, because the substance has just been commissioned by Brazil’s largest oil company Petrobras.The state oil company Petrobras confirmed that.

Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras is under criticism for its foul investments. Petrobras is Brazil’s largest company, with a market capitalization of around $ 170 billion. Petrobas promotes the lying under a thick salt crust oil deposits off the coast of Brazil.

And just the oil company Petrobras now checks the cause of the oil spill?

Since the British energy company BP has been forced to pay a record $ 20.8 billion (following the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico), major oil companies are worried that such sums of money will be due again.

That means – where no plaintiff is not a crime. And unfortunately, the media also play an important role here, because that the huge oil company BP had to pay, is also due to the worldwide protest.

Louisiana Oil Rig CollapseThe platform Deepwater Horizon, Mexico, April 21, 2010


Who or what triggered the oil spill is not clear even after almost a month. The beaches were released for swimming despite the oil spill. And so the oil catastrophe should disappear again from the media and the causer remains unrecognized.


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