India: Latest News from ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.



Two amazing high school students in Bombay just added hundreds of young people to the Animal Aid family through “Take a Paws,” a sensational fundraiser for Animal Aid Unlimited.


Held in their high school (Bombay International School) Diya Chitrabhanu and Ananyaa Mehra took care of every aspect of this special event from staging performances, selling tickets for 3 weeks prior to the event, and collecting over 2 lakhs (about USD $3000) in donations from students and many other donors.

This money will provide medicine for more than a hundred animals in treatment for wounds and illnesses.

Diya and Ananyaa sold Animal Aid tee-shirts and caps, food and gave everyone who attended not only entertainment but animal protection information and inspiration. Attendees watched singers, dancers and Animal Aid rescue videos, and were moved by Diya and Ananyaa’s powerful vision of a kinder world where animals are protected by all of us.UN LAB Middleware Label: Petition Body Ends


Badly wounded but cheerful older dog, Moti thrived after his rescue

The massive hole near Moti’s ear must have hurt so badly, but his tail wagged when he greeted his rescuers and he was the best little patient ever. He had a very serious maggot wound with dozens of small tunnels bored through his flesh. We removed the maggots, cleaned and dressed the wound, changing his bandages daily for several weeks. We felt that because of his loving nature he thrived on care and attention and this helped him heal especially fast.


Street animal rescue saved darling Moti’s life. Please donate.


Celebrate the Caregivers: Shanta Bai!


Shanta Bai Gameti has been with Animal Aid for six years, cheerfully helping animals by making sure hundreds of blankets and towels are washed and hung out to dry every day so that dogs, and large animals too, can have fluffy and dry bedding. This might sound like a minor task but it is not. Even though we do have a washing machine, it can only take small loads and even those loads have to be thoroughly rinsed clean before loading. So it’s hand and muscle work. We celebrate Shanta Bai today for her enduring high spirits, serving countless animals by keeping them clean and comfy.


We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

AAU Indian founders

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,

and the whole Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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